France aims to lead Europe in hydrogen fuel

January 27, 2014 0 By Alicia Moore

France set to become a leader in hydrogen-centric energy

France Aims to be Leader in Hydrogen FuelFrance’s Minister for Economic Regeneration has pledged to help the country become a leader in the hydrogen energy sector. The country has been investing aggressively in clean power in recent years in order to establish a stronger degree of economic stability as well as make itself more environmentally friendly. Various forms of clean power have found support in France, as well as projects that focus on energy conservation, but the country is beginning to grow more interested in the concept of clean transportation. As such, its focus on hydrogen fuel cells has begun to increase.

Country aims to provide more support for clean transportation and infrastructure projects

Hydrogen is a part of the country’s overarching energy plan and its “New Industrial France” project. This particular project, which was launched in September of 2013, aims to establish France a s a European leader in hydrogen fuel. This project supports various hydrogen-centric initiatives, including energy storage, hydrogen production, the establishment of a working fuel infrastructure, and clean transportation. As such, companies that specialize in chemical gases, such as France’s own Air Liquide, are poised to see significant progress in the coming years.

France increases research on electrical vehicles

In order to establish France as a leader in hydrogen-derived energy, the country has begun focusing more heavily in clean transportation. Funding for aggressive research into electric vehicles has been announced and the French government has begun to call for new projects that focus on developing a working hydrogen infrastructure. Air Liquide is expected to participate in infrastructure development as it is one of 25 partners that are involved in the “Hydrogen Mobility France” initiative. This initiative involves the further development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure and preparing the country for the release of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Air Liquide to leverage expertise for infrastructure projects

Air Liquide has a great deal of experience when it comes to infrastructure projects.  The company has been involved in such projects in many countries around the world; its hydrogen production technology has been used at various fuel stations around the world. The global auto industry has also been a strong supporter of hydrogen energy, with many automakers using fuel cell as the energy system for their next generation vehicles.

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