Bramble Energy has the world’s lowest cost hydrogen fuel cell technology solution

Bramble Energy has the world’s lowest cost hydrogen fuel cell technology solution

October 3, 2023 2 By Alicia Moore

According to the company’s most recent whitepaper, the solution is game-changing.

A leader in hydrogen fuel cell technology innovation, Bramble Energy has published a crucial whitepaper that reveals the company’s solution to creating a $100 per kilowatt fuel cell stack.

This is ten times cheaper than current traditional fuel cell costs.

According to Bramble Energy, its solution to creating a $100 per kilowatt (kW) stack achievable today, is ten times cheaper than existing traditional fuel cell costs, which exceed $1,000 per kilowatt stack. What’s more, the company says that through scalability, this cost could reach as low as $60 “at unprecedented speed to market”.

The cost of fuel cells remains one of the major barriers to achieve mass hydrogen adoption. Bramble Energy’s innovation would revolutionize the hydrogen economy and drive mass adoption across energy and transportation sectors, by eradicating the high costs of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

“Industries are in desperate need of attainable, sustainable, clean energy solutions, so our mission at Bramble Energy is removing the biggest barriers to hydrogen adoption,” said Dr Tom Mason, Bramble Energy co-founder and CEO.

The whitepaper presents Bramble Energy’s ground-breaking fuel cell technology

The company’s innovative patented printed circuit board (PCB) fuel cell technology is intended to lead industry to the goal of broad scale hydrogen adoption via “innovative design, materials, selection, and manufacturing processes.”

Bramble Energy Fuel cell technology - Mass manufacturability V1 - Image owned by James Billington

Bramble Energy Fuel cell technology – Mass manufacturability V1 – Image owned by James Billington

The company has developed a new stack structure. It is this stack structure that allows for significant cost reduction.

The whitepaper highlights that with increase in manufacturing volume and achieving economies of scale in terms of optimization of process flows and purchasing power, it is possible for the company to achieve a PCB cost of $60/kW at Wcm-2 power rating should production reach hundreds of megawatts (MW).

“With high cost hindering the hydrogen fuel cell industry for years, this whitepaper demonstrates how our printed circuit board fuel cell technology can deliver fuel cells at an achievable cost and the speed at which it be realised compared to existing technology,” Mason said.

Bramble’s PCB fuel cells.

hydrogen news ebookBramble’s PCB fuel cell technology leverages existing printed circuit board industry, which eliminates the need for capital investments. Currently, PCBs are used in an array of applications ranging from mobile phones to laptops and televisions. The PCB global manufacturing base is valued at more than $70 billion annually.

Bramble Energy uses standard production methods and standard PCB laminate, which provides a bipolar plate, delivering structural integrity and providing both typical and complex fuel cell functional roles, such as gasketing, sealing, current collection, and so on.

Additionally, Bramble Energy is able to produce its fuel cells in a variety of shapes, sizes and power outputs, so that they can accommodate diverse applications and empower customers to control their own supply chain.

After further core module optimization, short stack testing of Bramble Energy’s fuel cell technology will be carried out in Q4 2023, with full stack testing slated for Q2 2024.

In conclusion, the importance of bringing down the cost of fuel cell technology for worldwide adoption cannot be overstated. Bramble Energy’s game-changing solution has presented a promising path towards this goal. By leveraging innovative design and manufacturing processes, the company has managed to reduce the cost of fuel cell stacks tenfold.

This breakthrough could revolutionize the hydrogen economy, making clean energy more accessible and affordable across various sectors. Lowering the cost barrier is a crucial step in promoting sustainable practices and combating climate change. Furthermore, by tapping into the existing PCB industry, Bramble Energy eliminates the need for capital investments, thereby making their innovation scalable and easily adoptable. The future, consequently, looks bright for hydrogen fuel cell technology, with Bramble Energy leading the charge towards a more sustainable and economically viable hydrogen-powered world.

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