Fuji Electric acquires German hydrogen fuel cell developer

January 15, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

Fuji Electric becomes majority shareholder in N2telligence, a German fuel cell developer

Fuji Electric has announced that its European subsidiary, Fuji Electric Europe, has acquired the majority of shares in a German fuel cell company called N2telligence. The company specializes in developing hydrogen fuel cells, which are becoming quite popular in a variety of business sectors. The acquisition is tied to Fuji Electric’s endeavor to expand its business into the renewable energy sector. The company has begun to focus somewhat heavily on geothermal energy, hydropower, fuel cells and photovoltaics.

Company begins to focus more heavily on promising forms of renewable energy

Fuji Electric is not only focusing on the use of hydrogen fuel cells, of course, as the company will also continue using phosphoric acid fuel cells. These energy systems have made the company a leading entity in the fuel cell industry. Fuji Electric has deployed these fuel cells in Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United States, and South Africa. Notably, Fuji Electric leverages both natural gas and hydrogen fuel to produce electrical power. The company suggests that this leads to very little energy loss due to the nature of fuel cells.

Fuel cells can be used in fire prevention systems to great effect

Hydrogen Fuel Cell PartnershipOne of the primary uses of fuel cells is somewhat unknown to many people. These energy systems are often used in fire prevention. Indeed, fire prevention systems were among the first reasons that Fuji Electric and N2telligence began working together. The two established a cooperative business in 2009, through which N2telligence has sold fuel cells manufactured by Fuji Electric to several automakers.

Auto industry is showing strong favor for fuel cells, especially those that make use of hydrogen fuel

Fuel cells have become quite popular in the auto industry. Automakers are beginning to use these energy systems to develop new vehicles that produce no harmful emissions. These vehicles are more efficient than battery electrics, which has made them somewhat attractive to consumers. New fuel cells from Fuji Electric and N2telligence could help the auto industry find more success in the clean transportation space.

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