US continues to lead in the hydrogen fuel cell space

January 15, 2016 0 By Alicia Moore

United States has established itself as a leader in the fuel cell industry

The United States is home to the world’s largest and most successful fuel cell companies. These companies have made strides in making hydrogen fuel cells, as well as their myriad counterparts, a commercial success. Innovation has been key to driving this success forward, and this innovation has been supported by states that have a strong interested in renewable energy and clean technology. Without state support, the fuel cell industry may have had serious trouble finding success.

Report shows that state support is leading to the growing adoption of hydrogen fuel cells

According to a new report from the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, supportive state policies, a growing domestic supply chain, and technological innovation has allowed the United States to lead the world when it comes to fuel cell development. The federal Department of Energy has shown strong support for hydrogen fuel in general. The agency suggests that fuel cells could be vital to the evolving future of the transportation space, ensuring that the auto industry becomes more environmentally friendly.

DOE has changed its stance on hydrogen fuel cells in recent years

United States Leads in Hydrogen Fuel Notably, the Department of Energy had once held hydrogen fuel cells in low regard. Former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu had considered fuel cell technology a distant solution to an immediate problem. In a short amount of time, however, the Department of Energy began to show more support for hydrogen fuel cells, with Chu becoming a less outspoken opponent of these energy systems. This is similar to what is being seen in other states. Several states have begun showing more support for fuel cells, largely due to how they are being used in the transportation sector.

States are beginning to include fuel cells in their renewable energy plans

The report from the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association shows that California, Connecticut, and New York have maintained their positions as leaders in the fuel cell industry for six years in a row. These states provide strong support to fuel cell developers and have invested heavily in the establishment of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The report also notes that several other states have also begun to include hydrogen fuel cells in their overarching renewable energy plans.

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