Fukushima could become a major hydrogen fuel production center for Japan

June 6, 2016 0 By Tami Hood

Japan is looking to make Fukushima a leading power in hydrogen production

Japan intends to turn its Fukushima Prefecture into a major hydrogen production center. Fukushima was home to one of the worst nuclear disasters in human history, following the impact of a major earthquake and subsequent tsunami in early 2011. The disaster caused Japan to re-evaluate its support of nuclear power, with the government showing more support for other forms of energy, such as fuel cells. Over the past five years, Fukushima has recovered well from its ordeal and the Japanese government is eager to provide the province with a new purpose that could help make the overall country into a leading renewable energy market.

Hydrogen produced by Fukushima may help power the 2020 Olympic Games

According to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Fukushima may be able to produce significant quantities of hydrogen in the coming years. Much of this hydrogen is likely to be used during the 2020 Olympic Games, which will be hosted in Tokyo. This fuel could also be used to support Japan’s growing hydrogen infrastructure, which is needed to support new clean vehicles and the growing residential fuel cell space. The Japanese government has already enacted a program to support the adoption of clean energy throughout Fukushima, with a focus on hydrogen fuel production.

Hydrogen production may need improvement to help Fukushima find success in its goals

Hydrogen Fuel Production Image of FukushimaIn order for Fukushima to become a major producer of hydrogen, it may have to address certain issues with the production process itself. Conventional hydrogen fuel production is heavily reliant on fossil-fuels and is very energy intensive. The process itself is not environmentally hazardous, but it is responsible for emissions production. Using renewable energy can solve this problem, however, as this would make the production process emissions free and farm more efficient.

Expansive infrastructure is needed to ensure the success of the fuel cell market

Japan is becoming a leading fuel cell and clean transportation market. Automakers already offer fuel cell vehicles in the country and many homes are being powered by fuel cell energy systems. Hydrogen production, however, remains and issue that must be addressed in order for the fuel cell industry to find success in Japan.


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