General Motors to break ties with the oil industry

General Motors to break ties with the oil industry

February 17, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

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The U.S. has been taking tentative steps toward establishing energy independence.

The federal government has devoted more money to the research and development of alternative energy systems and has been shying away from foreign oil. Real progress, however, is only possible if many businesses that rely on oil break ties with the industry. General Motors has taken the initiative and has begun distancing itself from an industry that made billions in profits while the automaker struggled with bankruptcy.

Shad Balch, spokesman for the automaker’s alternative energy affairs, spoke out against the oil industry during a recent panel of the California Air Resources Board, per reports.

Balch issued harsh criticisms to the oil industry, but also showed some tough love to General Motors. According to Balch, Americans stopped buying GM products because the company refused to make quality vehicles. He also did not understand the aversion that political powers and influential companies had to speaking out against oil companies whose practices are dubious at best.


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GM has shifted focus away from oil companies and has centered its goals on fuel economy and structural efficiency.

The automaker has been doing well for itself since adopting more alternative energy projects, generating profit in 2010 and 2011. Balch notes that the company will continue to pursue alternative energy until it becomes viable to break ties with oil companies entirely. This will likely come sooner rather than later.