Global Wind Energy Council report shows that China leads the wind energy industry

Global Wind Energy Council report shows that China leads the wind energy industry

February 16, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

The Global Wind Energy Council has released their latest annual market statics report which examines the progress and growth of the alternative energy industry around the world.

The report shows that most types of clean energy are making significant strides in adoption, but wind energy is beating them all out. The report notes that over 41,000 megawatts of electricity around the world in 2011, most of which came from wind farms in Europe. The report asserts that wind energy is doing much better than expected, especially considering the volatile state of the global economy.

According to the report, 75 countries around the world have fully operational commercial wind power installations in place. Of those countries, China is the definitive leader. China accounts for more than 60,000 megawatts of wind-generated electricity, backed by intense investments by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association.

China has taken a keen interest in alternative energy because of its growing middle class and rapid industrialization.

China is likely to lead the wind energy industry for several years if no other country adopts similarly aggressive energy policies. The U.S. has begun pursuing alternative energy in earnest, but has no plans to focus on a particular source of renewable fuel, whether it be hydrogen, solar, wind or otherwise. The European Union, however, has plans to focus its pursuit of alternative energy to solar and wind and may soon catch up to China in terms of clean energy adoption.

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