Graphene can harvest hydrogen fuel from the atmosphere

January 2, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Graphene may revolutionize the world of renewable energy

Graphene could change the way the world makes use of hydrogen in the future. A team of researchers from Manchester University in the United Kingdom have discovered a way to use this material to improve battery technology and produce hydrogen fuel from air. The research team believes that graphene could make fuel cells more attractive as it can be used to produce hydrogen in an inexpensive and relatively efficient manner.

Material can conduct electricity better than copper, making it attractive for fuel cells and battery systems

Graphene is quite similar to graphite, but it is significantly stronger. The material has become quite popular among researchers involved in the renewable energy sector and various other industries. Graphene has become quite popular as a material that can be used to improve battery technology. The material is flexible, lightweight, and is capable of conducting electricity better than copper. This makes graphene an attractive alternative to more conventional materials that have been in use for years.

Graphene could make fuel cell membranes more efficient and durable

Hydrogen Fuel - Graphene LayerResearchers suggest that graphene can be used as part of the membranes that fuel cells use to operate effectively. This could improve the efficiency and durability of fuel cell membranes, making fuel cell energy systems much more attractive than they already are. Researchers found that protons are able to pass through graphene with ease, especially in a high temperature environment.

Researchers find that hydrogen can be harvested from air with the help of graphene

One of the more surprising aspects of graphene is its ability to harvest hydrogen from the atmosphere. The research team has discovered that they can use the material alongside a fuel cell system in order to produce hydrogen fuel. Being able to harvest hydrogen fuel from the atmosphere could be revolutionary for the world of renewable energy. Though the use of graphene to produce hydrogen is still in a very early stage of experimentation, this new hydrogen production method could make fuel cells a very powerful force in the energy world in the future.

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