Solar energy capacity in Scotland grows 32%

January 2, 2015 0 By Bret Williams

Figures from Ofgem show that solar capacity in Scotland is on the rise

Numerous organizations in Scotland have begun petitioning the government to do all it can to encourage the faster adoption of solar energy throughout the country. The call to action follows the release of figures by Ofgem, the United Kingdom’s primary energy regulator, that show Scotland’s solar capacity grew by 32% during 2014. The Scottish government has been supporting numerous solar power projects over the past year and some organizations suggest that these projects will bolster the country’s economy.

Solar capacity reaches 140 MW in 2014

According to the information released by Ofgem, Scotland’s solar energy capacity has reached 140 megawatts, growing by 32% over what it had been at the end of 2013. Though the country’s solar capacity is smaller than its wind capacity, solar power may be helping Scotland mitigate any negative impact it could be having on the environment. WWF Scotland suggests that solar power can be easily deployed in towns and cities that are not suitable hosts for large wind turbines. This would allow these towns and cities to embrace renewable energy more effectively.

A growing number of home and businesses are embracing solar power

Solar Energy Growth - ScotlandThe figures from Ofgem show that 35,000 homes and 600 businesses in Scotland have had photovoltaic systems installed over the past year. This may be a major victory in Scotland because solar power does not have the same appeal as wind energy. Scotland now accounts for 5% of all households in the United Kingdom that have their own solar energy systems installed. The adoption of solar power has been heavily supported by the Scottish government.

Wind energy will likely continue being a strong focus for the Scottish government

Though solar power has been growing at a phenomenal rate throughout the country, Scotland is likely to continue showing aggressive support for wind energy. In October and November, wind power generated 126% and 107% of the country’s energy needs, respectively. The government is also backing numerous offshore wind energy projects that are expected to begin generating electrical power at some point in the next year.

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