Revolutionary green hydrogen system helps clean up asphalt production

Revolutionary green hydrogen system helps clean up asphalt production

April 5, 2024 0 By Tami Hood

Benninghoven created the first burner in the world powered by renewable hydrogen.

The Germany-based, world-leading supplier of asphalt mixing plants, machines and services for the construction industry, has developed a green hydrogen system that can operate a burner designed for building roads. It is the first burner in the world that operates running on only green H2.

Designing a more efficient and clean asphalt production process.

Creating asphalt is no small task. To produce this composite material, the process requires industrial burners that heat and remove water from the starting material before mixing the material with bitumen. To ensure the utmost efficiency, Benninghoven developed a new generation of burners.

These burners include a control and drying system alongside the burner. They can also be powered by green hydrogen. This has allowed the first customers to use it to produce several thousand tons of asphalt without making hardly any emissions in the process. That’s because when using hydrogen as a fuel, emissions like nitrogen oxides (NOx), are minimal.

The green hydrogen burner.

Benninghoven’s H2 burner is equipped with an “intelligent control system”. This system ensures the meticulously synchronized hardware and software solution can make the asphalt production process as efficient as possible. This includes maximized efficiency in regard to the pressure control section, the control of the feed systems, drying section with burner and burner control.

Green hydrogen - industrial burner, efficiency, quality, cost

What’s more, it’s easy for users to switch between fuels or combinations of multiple fuels whenever needed, without shutdown or downtime required, with only minimum temperature fluctuations occurring during the process.  

It’s Cost-effective and quieter to boot.

In addition to maximizing efficiency and producing barely any emissions, the system allows up to four separate burners to be in operation simultaneously. This flexibility boosts the overall cost-effectiveness of the facility by allowing operators to always use the best energy sources available.

Another advantage is the green hydrogen burner is less noisy. Specifically, it’s 5 decibels lower than other burners, which can be highly beneficial for plant operators in urban environments.

A sensible solution.

hydrogen news ebookIt really does seem as though Benninghoven has thought of everything when it comes to their new green hydrogen burner. In addition to the many benefits already listed, the company’s burner technologies can accommodate new facilities, existing asphalt mixing plants, and be used in plants from other manufacturers. This allows any plant operator the opportunity to upgrade to the latest tech whenever they want.  

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