Ports of Argentia and Hamburg to partner on green hydrogen transport

Ports of Argentia and Hamburg to partner on green hydrogen transport

April 8, 2024 0 By Bret Williams

The intention is to work together to import and export renewable H2 between Germany and Canada

The Port of Argentia in Canada and the Hamburg Port Authority in Germany have signed a green hydrogen export and import letter of intent.

The goal is to ship the clean fuel between the two countries

The letter was signed by the Port of Argentia’s CEO Scott Penney, and the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)’s CEO Jens Meier. This was done while they were in attendance at the Canada-Germany Hydrogen and Ammonia Producer-Offtaker Conference in Hamburg.

The event in Germany was a component of the broader implementation of the Canada-Germany Energy Partnership and Hydrogen Alliance.  This collaboration is meant to create a commitment between the two countries for working together on the export of green hydrogen from Canada into the German market.

The countries seek to become energy transition leaders through the green hydrogen deal

Through the signing of the letter of intent, the two ports will be playing a key role in the creation of an H2 export/import corridor that will establish the two countries among clean energy transition leaders in the world. 

Green hydrogen - Global Energy Leaders

“This signing strategically aligns both the ports of Argentia and Hamburg to facilitate the development of a hydrogen export/import corridor as we collectively establish our ports as leaders in the global energy transition, said Penney.  He underscored that the letter of intent provides confirmation of the port’s commitment to the Alliance principles and in allying itself with the Hamburg Port Authority.  The collaboration will only strengthen their positions in providing solutions for green hydrogen transportation.

Solidifying an energy partnership

hydrogen news ebookThe letter of intent aligns with the mandates established by both the Government of Canada and the Government of Germany for the creation of an energy partnership in which they can work together for the common goal of transitioning to the use of cleaner fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and establishing greener economies.  At the same time, they place the spotlight on their mutual declaration of intent to establish a Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance.

Closing Thoughts

Through the letter of intent’s signing, both ports have stated that they will support their respective local initiatives for creating a healthy green hydrogen derivatives supply chain between the two locations.

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