Green hydrogen consortium forms among Anglo American, BHP, Fortescue and Hatch

Green hydrogen consortium forms among Anglo American, BHP, Fortescue and Hatch

March 20, 2020 0 By Tami Hood

The firms will work together in the effort to use H2 for the purpose of decarbonization of their operations.

Anglo American, BHP, Fortescue and Hatch have announced their formation of a green hydrogen consortium. They intend to use this opportunity to work together to use clean H2 to accelerate the decarbonisation of their operations around the world.

The consortium plans to work to help overcome some of the primary challenges to green H2 adoption.

According to a press release issued by the new green hydrogen consortium, their main intention is to work collectively to help remove the main obstacles to clean H2 technology adoption. They will also aim to encourage innovative applications of the clean fuel.

The purpose of their combined effort is to spot opportunities for the development of green H2 technologies. These will be aimed directly at the resources sector in addition to other heavy industries. From there, the consortium plans to form a mechanism to be used by operators and suppliers for contribution to and engagement with those areas of development.

Among the green hydrogen consortium’s proposed activities include tech, research and supply chain development.

The consortium has proposed a number of different activities in the pursuit of its goal. Among them are research, technology, supply chain development, and testing clean H2 tech to pursue risk reduction and tech acceleration.

The press release announcing the consortium stated that: “The companies involved in the Consortium are committed to reducing their respective operational greenhouse gas emissions and to working collaboratively with others – including customers and suppliers – to find technological or other innovative solutions for the emissions associated with the use of their products and in their supply chains.”

Among the participants, Hatch was appointed the group’s project management and governance facilitator.

Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC, Western Australia Minister for Regional Development, said: “We welcome this industry collaboration to help decarbonise mining operations and cement WA’s place on the world stage as a green hydrogen innovator and producer.” She went on to underscore her belief in the opportunities offered by the type of clean fuel that is the focus Green hydrogen consortium - Business - Teamof the green hydrogen consortium. She pointed to the potential for fuel cells for powering “fixed and mobile plants, mining vehicles and feedstock.”

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