Green hydrogen deal forged between Boeing and Equatic

Green hydrogen deal forged between Boeing and Equatic

June 8, 2023 0 By Amanda Giasson

Equatic plans to generate green H2 as a by-product of the carbon capture and storage process.

Boeing has recently come to a pre-purchase option agreement with Equatic, a new start-up that has attracted the attention of the aviation giant with its novel carbon capture and green hydrogen technology, which can help Boeing with its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) goals.

Equatic has developed an innovative electrolytic process.

This process is for atmospheric carbon dioxide removal that, according to the company, “leverages the size and scale of the oceans.” The process permanently stabilizes CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the form of dissolved bicarbonate ions (in seawater), as well as in the form of solid mineral carbonates. Additionally, the electrolytic process produces green hydrogen as a co-product that generates revenue and clean energy.

Using its technology that harnesses the carbon storage and capture power of the ocean, Equatic has agreed to remove 62,000 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and deliver 2,100 metric tons of carbon-negative H2 for Boeing.

This most recent partnership is the latest of several that the aircraft manufacturer has made to support its SAF efforts to decarbonize the aviation industry.

Green hydrogen and CO2 removal is an important part of reaching net-zero aviation goals.

“SAF is enormously important to reaching the commercial aviation industry’s net zero by 2050 goal, and we are excited to partner with Equatic on both green hydrogen feedstock and carbon dioxide removal,” said Boeing’s vice president of environmental sustainability, Shelia Remes.

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Remes also said that reaching the industry’s sustainability goals will need a “multi-faceted approach and Boeing sees immense value in Equatic’s technology.”

Also commenting on the recent partnership, Lorenzo Corsini, principal advisor at Equatic, said that “how to remove and permanently store gigatons of carbon dioxide and how to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels” are two unprecedented challenges the world faces. Equatic’s technology is designed to solve both challenges.

Equatic’s technology uses four inputs.

hydrogen news ebookThese four inputs include seawater, rock, air, and renewable electricity. This technology traps carbon dioxide in solid minerals or dissolved substances naturally located in oceans. At the same time, it also produces carbon-negative green hydrogen fuel.

The technology blends basic principles of chemistry with the natural capabilities of the ocean, the best carbon removal tool in the world, Corsini explained. The company’s principal advisor added that the technology creates “the most promising solution for scalable decarbonisation – cost-effectively and at a globally-relevant scale.”

Equatic’s goal is to achieve 100,000 metrics tons of carbon removal annually by 2025.

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