Construction kicks off for first-ever green hydrogen shortsea containership

Construction kicks off for first-ever green hydrogen shortsea containership

March 6, 2024 0 By Angie Bergenson

Samskip and Cochin Shipyard marked the occasion with a steel-cutting ceremony.

The ceremony marks the official start of construction for the Samskip SeaShuttle, the world’s first green hydrogen shortsea boxship, a project undertaken by Samskip, a Dutch logistics solutions provider, with the help of Cochin Shipyard, an Indian shipbuilder.

A world first.

Samskip says its SeaShuttle is the first zero-emission shortsea container vessel in the world to be powered by green hydrogen.

The vessel, which will be 135 meters (442.9 feet) in length, will be powered by a 3.2-megawatt hydrogen fuel cell, and have a diesel generator installed for backup power. The H2 containerships will be built by Cochin.

Two green hydrogen boxships have been ordered.

Samskip has ordered two green hydrogen shortsea container ships from Cochin. Both will be built with the same specs. The order for the two ships was placed a year ago, and the delivery of the vessels is set for the third and fourth quarters of 2025.


Green hydrogen - Concept Photo Samskip seashuttle -

Image Credit: Samskip

When running solely on hydrogen, it is expected that the two ships will achieve a reduction of about 25,000 tons of carbon emissions annually.

Additionally, Samskip said that the green hydrogen ships will also operate without emissions in ports by using green shore energy at the port of call.

Samskip Sustainability Day

hydrogen news ebookThe company acknowledged its sustainability milestone by hosting “The Samskip Sustainability Day”. Held on February 29th, the collaborative forum was attended by maritime experts, municipality representatives, politicians, suppliers and customers. The presentations and discussions at the event focused on collaboration and the boundaries that need to be broken in the new age of sustainable logistics.

“When it comes to sustainability, we believe in transparency, setting goals and taking responsibility,” said Samskip Sustainability Manager, Laurens Dourleijn. “…at our event, we introduced our Sustainability Compass to accelerate our ESG goals and called everyone out to work together towards these goals,” Dourleijn added.  

“The SeaShuttle will provide a great green corridor and it’s really inspiring to see the leadership and commitment of our customers who have already booked space on this service. Now we go from planning to building!” commented Are Grathen, Regional Director –Samskip Norway, at the sustainability event. 

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