GIG and Nobian team up for industrial green hydrogen solutions

GIG and Nobian team up for industrial green hydrogen solutions

December 20, 2021 0 By John Max

The companies are working together to provide safe, reliable and affordable renewable H2.

Green Investment Group (GIG), part of Macquarie Group, has announced that it is entering a collaboration with Nobian to form an industrial green hydrogen solutions developer called the Hydrogen Chemistry Company (HyCC).

The company intends to help large industries to be able to effectively decarbonize with H2.

HyCC was established for the purpose of providing green hydrogen solutions that are affordable, safe and reliable for decarbonizing large industries. Among their targets include chemicals, steel and refineries.

Nobian’s contribution to the collaboration is its wealth of experience in large-scale electrolysis. It will combine that experience with GIG’s resources and experience in project development. The goal is to use those strengths to enable HyCC to “accelerate investments” and more large-scale project development.

“We have a strong technical and commercial team and a healthy pipeline of large green hydrogen projects,” said HyCC managing director Marcel Galjee. “The backing of these two leading companies allows us to further scale-up our portfolio to become a leader in the safe and reliable supply of green hydrogen and make a critical contribution to the EU’s target of realising 40GW of hydrogen electrolysers by 2030.”

Green hydrogen solutions - 50 - 50 split

The companies in the green hydrogen solutions collaboration have split their share 50/50.

GIG and Nobian each have a 50 percent stake in HyCC. The collaboration deal is expected to close next year in March. When it does, HyCC will operate with a purpose-built H2 specialist team that will specialize in areas including manufacturing, technology, commercial development, project management, and an electrolysis project pipeline network of over 400MW.

That network will include a planned 40MW facility located in the Netherlands that will be producing renewable H2 for aviation fuels as well as renewable methanol. Additionally, it will include a 100MW facility near Amsterdam for powering steel production, as well as one in Rotterdam, which will be a 250MW facility producing clean H2 instead of the fossil fuel powered production currently in existence.

This deal will make it possible for HyCC to grow its green hydrogen solutions pipeline for further expansion into the European market.

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