Hy24 Hires New Managing Director to Head Green Investing in Hydrogen Equipment

Hy24 Hires New Managing Director to Head Green Investing in Hydrogen Equipment

July 10, 2023 0 By John Max

The largest clean H2 investment fund manager in the world has hired Guillaume Lesueur.

The biggest clean hydrogen investment fund manager in the world, Hy24, has hired a new green investing Managing Director, Guillaume Lesueur, former Head of EDF Pulse Ventures.

Lesueur’s focus will be on leading Hy24’s investment into clean hydrogen technology and equipment manufacturers.

Hy24 was first established in 2021. It is a joint venture between FiveT Hydrogen and Ardian. Its purpose is to concentrate on green investment with an angle toward spurring the growth of the global H2 ecosystem through investments throughout the entire clean hydrogen value chain.Green Jobs Board

Clean Hydrogen Infrastructure, also known as Infra Fund, is Hy24’s first fund. It is aimed at building out the hydrogen infrastructure market. That fund has already raised €2 billion and has invested four times. It is a collaboration of over fifty leading investors. As such, it will keep leveraging the strong combination of industrial and financial investment expertise.

Guillaume Lesueur will use that existing Hy24 success as a jumping off point and will focus on supporting the tech and equipment manufacturing required to keep up with the swiftly rising demand for H2 throughout the full length of the supply chain.

Green investing has also been taking off, as there are already over 1,000 largescale H2 projects.

By the close of January 2023, there were already more than 1,000 largescale hydrogen projects underway around the world. At that rate, the demand for the necessary equipment is notably greater than the supply capacity. In order to meet global H2 development targets, the entire supply chain’s hydrogen equipment manufacturing capacity would need to be 100 times greater than it currently is.

Green investing in H2

This includes everything from upstream to downstream, in every area from H2 production to conversion, distribution, storage, retail, and end-use. Equipment will be needed at each of those levels, and rapid acceleration will be required in order to make it available to an extent that will more closely meet demand. Green investing will be key to making this happen.

The need for more supply capacity

hydrogen news ebook“We urgently need an increased supply capacity for equipment and technology that are key to realizing the full potential of hydrogen in achieving net zero by 2050,” said Guillaume Lesueur in a news release about his new green investing position as Managing Director at Hy24 and the head of its Clean Hydrogen Equipment Fund. “Hy24’s new investment initiative will be designed to accelerate the pace of development of hydrogen supply chain players. I am delighted to join a company which is realizing its ambition to be a leading catalyst among the clean hydrogen ecosystem and a pure player at the forefront of the market.”

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