Universal Hydrogen completes full demo of its unique H2 technology at airport

Universal Hydrogen completes full demo of its unique H2 technology at airport

February 23, 2024 0 By Erin Kilgore

The hydrogen fuel services provider demonstrates its AmpCart H2 product.

Universal Hydrogen has successfully completed the first full operational demonstration of its AmpCart H2, the company’s latest product that uses its H2 technology, built to decarbonize airport ground operations.

The AmpCart H2 demonstration.

The AmpCart H2 is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered mobile battery charger designed for existing electrified airport ground support equipment (GSE). Universal Hydrogen developed the battery charger in collaboration with Oshkosh AeroTech (formerly JBT AeroTech).

The AmpCart H2 uniquely leverages Universal Hydrogen’s modular H2 technology. This was seen during the recent operational demonstration of the AmpCart H2 prototype at Hawthrone Airport in Los Angeles. The demonstration involved charging two DHL electrified tractors using the prototype and portable hydrogen storage modules, noted a Universal Hydrogen new release. The hydrogen modules were fueled with green H2 off-airport.

H2 technology that provides a near-term solution.

“In the last 10 years or so, there has been a major push among airlines, airports, and ground services providers to electrify airport ground support equipment (GSE),” said Chief Operating Officer at Universal Hydrogen, Arnaud Namer.  “…unfortunately the charging infrastructure is significantly lagging, leading to adoption of diesel generators for charging of electric GSE. We aim to change that by providing a clean, hydrogen-powered mobile charging solution for airports.”

According to Universal Hydrogen, its modular hydrogen fueling technology removes the requirement of a purpose-built hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Instead, the AmpCart H2 delivers a near-term solution, allowing every airport to be “hydrogen-ready”.

A path to hydrogen aviation fuel.

Hawthrone isn’t the first airport where Universal Hydrogen has had success using its H2 technology. In fact, it’s the company’s fifth demonstration location. The hope is that the more success they have using hydrogen on airport grounds, the more likely hydrogen will eventually gain acceptance as an aviation fuel.

H2 Technology - Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Charging Using Hydrogen Modules - DHL GSE - Image Source - Universal Hydrogen Co. YouTube

DHL airport GSE – Image Source: Universal Hydrogen Co. YouTube

This most recent demonstration at Hawthrone was seen by airline and leasing representatives from American Airlines, DHL, Mercury GSE, Xcēd, and Fortbrand.

On track for end-of-year operational deployment.

hydrogen news ebook“True to our name, we see modular delivery of hydrogen solving the infrastructure problem for hydrogen adoption in a multitude of different applications,” said Universal Hydrogen CEO, Paul Eremenko. “Doing so for charging of electric GSE is an important early step in the decarbonization of the overall aviation ecosystem, while also reducing risk and serving as an important proof point several years ahead of our regional aviation product.”

So far, Universal Hydrogen remains on schedule with its H2 technology, with the AmpCart H2 set for operational deployment by the end of 2024.

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