H2 Terminals Ltd Launches Massive Green Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) Project in the UK

H2 Terminals Ltd Launches Massive Green Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) Project in the UK

April 29, 2024 0 By Press Release

Hydrogen Terminals Limited Unveils Major UK Green Liquid Hydrogen Project

Hydrogen Terminals Limited, www.H2Terminals.com , announced the launch of one of the largest Green Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) projects in the UK. This massive infrastructure project aims to help the UK reach its net-zero emissions targets by establishing a 2GW Fuel Cell build in the Southeast. The project is part of an innovative ecosystem that will secure long-term contracts for supply, with a fleet of 20 ships delivering millions of tons of Green Hydrogen into the UK for direct distribution to industrial offtake as LH2 and green electricity private or national grid.

Innovative Ship Design Powers UK’s Green LH2 Logistics

A key enabler of this project is the design of the ships, each measuring 90 meters long and carrying 2,000 tons of LH2. These vessels use fuel cells  and are part powered by the boil-off from the LH2, making them highly efficient. The real secret lies in the composite material used to hold and insulate the LH2 -253°C. Gerry Wilkinson, CEO in the venture comments, “The material has been shown to be five times stronger than steel, lightweight, and with incredible thermal insulation qualities invented by Cambridge based scientist Shuo Chen.”

London and the Thames Estuary will be an ideal location for the project, with a huge logistics hub, docks, heavy and light industry all gearing up for an emissions-free future. Gerry Wilkinson stated, “We will start shipping Green LH2 into the UK by early 2026, scaling to very significant tonnage at a competitive price point.”

About H2Terminals Limited:hydrogen news ebook

H2Terminals is a London-based technology company at the forefront of the green hydrogen revolution. Established as a joint venture between LH2 carrier ship owner D3im Ltd and experienced entrepreneur and CEO Gerry Wilkinson, H2Terminals is raising funds from European infrastructure investors to develop a groundbreaking liquid hydrogen terminal in London. This innovative project will play a pivotal role in decarbonizing London’s energy sector and establishing the city as a hub for green hydrogen. Come and meet the team, we are sponsors for the CEME Hydrogen Summit on 13th June as part of London Tech week.

For more information, please contact:

Email  [email protected]

Webs Site: www.h2terminals.com

Address: CEME Capus, Marsh Way, Rainham, London, RM13 8EU.

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