Hazer Group Fueling the Future: A $13 Million Boost

Hazer Group Fueling the Future: A $13 Million Boost

February 20, 2024 0 By Bret Williams

 Perth-based Hazer Group Ltd. has secured a landmark $13 million amidst their ground-breaking innovation, which revolutionizes the production of hydrogen and graphite—a move that could significantly shift the energy landscape towards sustainability. Their Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP) has successfully produced these components, propelling the company into the spotlight of the global energy transition.

Revolutionizing Energy with Hydrogen and Graphite

Hazer Group is turning the hydrogen production industry on its head. By leveraging its proprietary process that converts methane gas into hydrogen and graphite – feeding a need for two industry supply chains. The technology offers a cleaner alternative to conventional methods. This success story is underpinned by the recent operationalization of their CDP, a step that could reshape the way we approach sustainable energy and battery technology.

Fueling the Future: A $13 Million Boost

The firepower behind Hazer’s ambitions is the $13 million funding raised from a mix of institutional and private investors. CEO Glenn Corrie articulated his appreciation for the support: “With this additional funding now secured, together with current cash and other, non-dilutionary sources of funding (ARENA funding milestones and R&D rebates), Hazer is well positioned to accelerate current commercial projects and secure further global licensing deals,” highlighting the strategic financial health of the company.hydrogen news for Hazer Group

Detailed Breakdown of Hazer Group’s Financial Infusion

The recent financial influx for Hazer Group is a structured fusion of expertly orchestrated fundraising efforts. The company has announced its success in securing binding commitments for a robust $9 million through a placement, a number that reflects investor confidence prior to costs. This move fortifies Hazer’s financial war chest, enabling aggressive pursuit of its revolutionary energy objectives.

Further bolstering this momentum, Hazer Group is executing a share purchase plan (SPP) with a target of up to an additional $4 million, which supplements the placement funds. The SPP extends a unique opportunity for eligible shareholders to deepen their investment in Hazer’s future by purchasing new shares. Notably, this offer comes with the advantage of zero brokerage, transaction, or commission fees, a strategic choice exhibiting Hazer’s commitment to value for its shareholders. This calculated financial deployment is set to thrust the company’s commercial projects onto a faster trajectory and engage more extensively in securing global licensing agreements.

Charting a Path Towards Global Impact

Strategic partnerships with energy sector leaders such as ENGIE and Chubu make Hazer’s global aspirations tangible. Collaborations are already paving the way for commercial agreements and evidence of an expanding footprint is seen in their varied projects across Canada, Japan, and Europe. Hazer’s technology, validated by successful production milestones, is gearing up for broader adoption, fueling progressive initiatives in clean and sustainable energy.

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