Hydrail conference to be hosted by the University of Birmingham

Hydrail conference to be hosted by the University of Birmingham

June 16, 2012 0 By John Max

Hydrail conference 2012

Fuel cell technology for railway transportation to be highlighted at annual event

The University of Birmingham’s Center for Railway Research and Education has been chosen as the host for this year’s International Hydrail Conference, to be held in July. The event has become an opportunity for the academic community and fuel cell industry to highlight the emerge trends that are effecting the global economy and showcase emerging fuel cell technology. The conference focuses specifically on fuel cell technology that is used in railway public transportation.

Hydrogen continues to prove a popular, but often criticized, form of power for public transportation

Hydrail, a term which refers to railway transportation that is equipped with on-board hydrogen fuel cell systems, has become a popular subject in Europe. Travel by train is a popular form of transportation in the region and has become a primary candidate for the adoption of alternative energy. Railway transportation is also a popular option in many Asian countries, which are also poised to benefit from progress in the hydrail field. This form of transportation has been somewhat unaccommodating to alternative energy, however, which has led many companies and researchers to seek solutions to the gaps between so called “old fashioned” technologies and hydrogen fuel cells.

Costs associated with public transport to be a focus for hydrail even

This year’s International Hydrail Conference is expected to focus on the rising price of copper and the public opinion of electric railway transportation. The costs associated with updating much of the world’s railway systems to make use of hydrogen fuel cells has been called excessive. Cost has long been an issue of concern regarding hydrogen fuel cells and has served as a deterrent to incorporating hydrail into the public transportation systems of many countries throughout the world.

Hydrogen technology displayed at event may encourage countries to take hydrail seriously

The technologies showed off at this year’s event may provide some encouragement for countries interested in adopting hydrail systems. A preview of these technologies and those that will be presenting at the International Hydrail Conference can be found here.

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