Ionomr validates commercial technology that could be key to hydrogen economy

Ionomr validates commercial technology that could be key to hydrogen economy

September 27, 2023 1 By Alicia Moore

The company has completed its NREL-powered Shell GameChanger Accelerator electrolyzer tech.

Ionomr Innovations has announced its completion of hydrogen economy supporting technology called the Shell GameChanger Accelerator, which is powered by NREL (GCxN).

The achievement offers cleantech startups access to facilities, financial resources, and technical experts.

The company has developed high-performing, eco-friendly electrochemical materials that it is now commercializing. These electrochemical materials will be central to the establishment of a green hydrogen economy.

Further to this goal achievement, Ionomr worked with NREL and Shell experts to use industrial and energy agency models for the validation of its Aemion+ anion-exchange materials (AEM), which it claims to offer industry leading lifetimes and performance. This would shrink the lifecycle system capital cost of the equipment needed to produce H2 using electrolysis. The cost would be reduced by more than 40 percent according to the company’s own estimates.

Aemion+ was demonstrated to reduce iridium-free electrolysis system output while reportedly showing top stability over 800h tests. It also showed a number of configurations that were both efficient and stable for directly converting captured carbon dioxide into liquid fuels with an over three times higher output.

These types of improvement could play a significant role in establishing a viable hydrogen economy.

“Through GCxN we were pleased to work with experts at NREL and Shell to validate the material advantages and define the highest-performing reference design conditions to accelerate global expansion of economical green technologies,” said Bill Haberlin, CEO of Ionomr.

Green hydrogen economy

“We were further delighted when Shell recognized the potential for Ionomr’s technology and became a co-lead investor in our Series A funding last year.”

Removing expensive materials

hydrogen news ebookThe nature of the Aemion+ polymers and membranes from Ionomr remove expensive and scarce components typically required for water electrolysis, thereby shrinking the cost of energy in a green hydrogen economy.

Iridium and Titanium, for instance, are no longer required in this design, as they are replaced by materials that are more available and less expensive. At the same time, performance is enhanced over conventional low-cost alkaline systems. This alternative is considered readily pairable with intermittent renewables because of its high ramp rate capability.

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