Symbio named Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider for Extreme H from 2025

Symbio named Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider for Extreme H from 2025

February 22, 2024 0 By John Max

The pioneering racing series has named the company as the official source of the tech next year

Extreme E has named Symbio as the Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider for the racing series starting next year as it transitions to Extreme H.

Extreme H will be the first off-road H2 racing series in the world

When the championship starts in 2025, it will make Extreme H the first H2-powered off-road racing series in the world.  The new partnership between the racing series and Symbio will bring the latter company’s hydrogen fuel cell expertise into the series as it transitions to H2 power.

Symbio is a leader in zero-emission H2 mobility. It designs, produces and sells the equipment for which it has now been named official supplier for the series.

An important partnership in hydrogen fuel cells and mobility

Co-owned by Michelin, Forvia, and Stellantis, Symbio partners its H2 technology with a number of mobility pioneers, making it a regular part of well recognized brands for on-road vehicles (such as buses, coaches, light- and mid-sized commercial vehicles, motorsport and heavy-duty trucks) as well as off-road (warehouse equipment and construction equipment) zero-emission mobility.

A rising zero-emission technology

Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming an increasingly important part of the energy transition of many industries, particularly in mobility. Symbio’s own units bring together the range, durability, and rapid refueling advantages of internal combustion engines with the zero-carbon emission advantages of battery electric designs.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell - Ligne d assemblage système. Insertion du stack dans son carter

Product assembly line at Symbio factory – Image source: Symbio

The company’s units have begun mass production at its SymphonHy Gigafactory, which is Europe’s largest integrated fuel cell production location. The goal is to ensure competitive, accessible, performant hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Hydrogen fuel cells in the series

hydrogen news ebookSymbio will be providing Extreme H will 75kW units to replace batteries as primary energy sources in the vehicles.  The vehicles will be fueled by green H2 produced using methods powered by renewable solar energy.

The technology isn’t technically new to Extreme E, as it is already being used behind the scenes as a vehicle battery power source.

Together, Extreme H and Symbio intend to reduce carbon footprints and raise circular economy principles as a component of their aligned sustainability goals.

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