Chart receives first high-tech hydrogen fuel dispensers from ANGI

Chart receives first high-tech hydrogen fuel dispensers from ANGI

September 8, 2023 0 By Erin Kilgore

The company dispatched the first two of six H2 dispensers.

ANGI Energy Systems, a Vontier (NYSE: VNT) business, has dispatched the first two of six hydrogen fuel dispensers from its headquarters in Janesville, Wisconsin to Chart Industries, Inc. (NYSE: GTLS), which Chart will fit within its unique transportable fuel stations.

Chart will use the H2 dispensers for their build of integrated hydrogen fuel station equipment.

Chart Industries will fit the hydrogen fuel dispensers within its transportable hydrogen fuel stations. These first-of-a-kind transportable refuelers convert stored liquid hydrogen into high pressure gas. The result is a complete, deployable fuel solution that delivers on existing customer orders.

The ANGI hydrogen fuel dispensers are a key component in Chart’s transportable and modular stations, which are designed to fuel hydrogen vehicles, with the highest throughput for heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles.

“It’s exciting to partner with Chart Industries on such an innovative and progressive project,” said Joel van Rensburg, President of Alternative Fuels at ANGI in a news release.

ANGI’s hydrogen fuel dispensers will help boost heavy-duty H2 vehicle adoption.

According to Rensburg, the purpose of the hydrogen fuel dispensers project is to aid the industry in overcoming early infrastructure challenges and to help boost the adoption of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel dispensers - ANGI Hydrogen Fuel Dispenser with Chart logo - Angih70-31-ChartLogo

ANGI Hydrogen Fuel Dispenser with Chart logo – Source: ANGI

“Our collaboration with Chart, a world leader in hydrogen equipment, underscores the value in forging strategic partnerships at all levels and across the full hydrogen value chain.”

Deploying vital solutions sooner.

hydrogen news ebook“Drawing off of our decades of experience in hydrogen, we are building a first-of-a-kind, fully integrated transportable and modular hydrogen fuel station for heavy-duty vehicles,” said Jill Evanko, Chart Industries’ CEO and President.

Evanko explained that Chart’s unique transportable refueller provides a fueling solution for customers with lower capital requirements that is readily deployable. This H2 station reduces the “barrier to entry” and is the perfect solution for fleets of a small-to-medium size and can accommodate “any immediate, interim or permanent fueling needs.”

About partnering with ANGI for its hydrogen fuel dispensers, Evanko added, “By partnering with companies like ANGI, who have decades of experience in compressed gas, we can deploy vital solutions sooner and meet the needs of fleets today.”

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