MITSUI reworks its ME-GI gasoline engine to use hydrogen fuel

MITSUI reworks its ME-GI gasoline engine to use hydrogen fuel

March 15, 2024 0 By Bret Williams

The two-stroke engine has been adapted to function on 100 percent H2

In what could prove to be a groundbreaking move for the future of the maritime industry, MITSUI E&S Co. Ltd., a licensee of MAN Energy Solutions, has successfully tested a 50-bore MAN B&W two-stroke engine running on hydrogen fuel up to 100% load.

The adapted engine has promise for the use of H2 as a clean maritime propulsion fuel source

This marks a significant step towards harnessing hydrogen fuel as a viable and sustainable energy source for maritime propulsion systems.

The collaboration between MITSUI and MAN Energy Solutions involved the conversion of one cylinder of the 4S50ME-T test engine (output 7 MW, rated speed 117 rpm, MEP = 2.10 MPa) to hydrogen operation.

This transformation was based on the design of the LNG-fired ME-GI engine. To supply hydrogen to the engine, MITSUI utilized a hydrogen gas-supply system developed in 2023.

Testing hydrogen fuel in the adapted engine

The testing phase demonstrated stable operation at various loads and operating conditions, including successful hydrogen combustion up to 100% load. In the 100% load operation using hydrogen fuel, MITSUI achieved covering 95% of the heat value with hydrogen fuel, maintaining a cylinder pressure curve equivalent to the other three cylinders operated with conventional gasoline.

The H2 powered engine slashed greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse-gas emission reductions were a noteworthy outcome of the experiment, with MITSUI confirming reductions of up to 95%. The remaining fraction of emissions originated from the pilot-fuel employed during testing. This promising result underscores the potential of hydrogen as a cleaner alternative for the maritime sector.

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Bjarne Foldager, Country Manager for Denmark at MAN Energy Solutions, expressed satisfaction with the research project, emphasizing the advantages and flexibility of two-stroke engine technology. Foldager highlighted the preparedness for the future, not only in terms of H2 derivatives but also as a direct fuel source. The success of this test positions MAN Energy Solutions as a forward-thinking entity closely monitoring market developments.

Closing thoughts about the maritime hydrogen fuel engine

hydrogen news ebookIn conclusion, MITSUI’s accomplishment in running a hydrogen fuel-powered two-stroke engine up to 100% load marks a milestone for the maritime industry’s transition toward sustainable fuel sources. The successful collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions showcases the potential of hydrogen as a clean and efficient alternative, paving the way for a more environmentally friendly future in maritime propulsion. As industries worldwide seek greener solutions, this test stands out as a noteworthy progression, indicating a promising direction for the integration of hydrogen into maritime operations.

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