Vantastec’s Pioneering Hydrogen Van Paves the Way for Net Zero Ambitions

Vantastec’s Pioneering Hydrogen Van Paves the Way for Net Zero Ambitions

March 15, 2024 0 By Hydrogen Fuel News

In a significant step toward a greener future, Vantastec has unveiled a revolutionary hydrogen van—set to transform industries and accelerate progress towards net zero goals.

Vantastec Launches Trailblazing Trial with Monmouthshire County Council

YSTRAD MYNACH, Wales – Vantastec, a leading vehicle conversion company, has partnered with Monmouthshire County Council to field-test an exciting innovation: a hydrogen-powered van designed to fulfill the needs of services like meals on wheels. The venture is built around the new Nissan electric Townstar, featuring Vantastec’s patent-pending ‘Hydrogen Power Unit’, which aims to revolutionize the light commercial vehicle industry from their Ystrad Mynach headquarters.

Revolutionizing Onboard Equipment Power with the Hydrogen Power Unit

The roof mounted Hydrogen Power Unit, a patent-pending innovation by Vantastec, is at the forefront of an eco-friendly revolution in onboard vehicle equipment. Specifically designed to power essential devices, it enables the defrosting and regeneration of meals to an edible temperature directly within the vehicle. This groundbreaking Power Unit is set to transform how specialist vehicle operators, such as meals on wheels services, use their onboard equipment. From microwaves and water heaters to regeneration ovens, the Hydrogen Power Unit provisions a new era of zero-emission, independent power sources.

Expert Collaboration Cements Success

The PowerCell Partnership

This breakthrough would not have been remarkable without the collaboration with PowerCell, a group of Swedish fuel cell experts. Their mutual dedication has led to the creation of a hydrogen fuel cell power generation system that enables net-zero fleet operation right here, right now.hydrogen van used for meals on wheels

Efficiency Meets Sustainability

Unlike battery-dependant vehicles, hydrogen vans represent a practical solution that aligns with empirical workflows. With Vantastec’s innovative unit, operators can refill the Power Unit at hydrogen fueling stations in under ten minutes—drastically reducing downtime compared to EV charging.

Voices From Vantastec and PowerCell

Vantastec’s Managing Directors, Gareth Edwards, and Colin Smith, highlight their product as a “gamechanger”, emphasizing that sustainability has “always been at the forefront” of their vision.

The conversation pivots to the versatility and innovative application of the Hydrogen Power Unit. “Our Power Unit can be retrofitted onto any type of electric van, serving as an additional power source beyond just meals-on-wheels services,” the spokesperson elaborates. “Its utility extends to functioning as a standalone generator capable of recharging electric vehicles.”

Highlighting their ambitious vision for the Power Unit, the spokesperson adds, “We have big plans for it. And we are filled with anticipation to witness the impact it will make on the future.” This sentiment is echoed by PowerCell, showcasing a unified front in striving towards a sustainable and efficient future, cementing the partnership’s success in pioneering net-zero fleet operations.

Monmouthshire Meals Sets the Stage for Hydrogen-Powered Serviceshydrogen news ebook

Monmouthshire Meals plays a vital role in supporting county residents by delivering essential services every day of the year, to 300 households. The implementation of the hydrogen van will assist the service in maintaining its invaluable community service while adhering to eco-friendly practices.

We are at the cusp of witnessing an innovative leap in sustainable transportation with the launch of Vantastec’s hydrogen van. This endeavor not only showcases the potential for hydrogen as an alternative power source but also illustrates the tangible commitment of businesses and local governments to achieve net zero emissions.

As these hydrogen vans become increasingly visible on our streets, it’s clear that the future is closer than we think. Their presence signals a progressive shift towards cleaner, more efficient technologies that could soon become the new standard for commercial and public service vehicles. With the successful trial by Monmouthshire County Council, optimism is high, and the roads of tomorrow promise to be kinder to our planet.

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