Hydrogen fuel project welcomes powerful new partners

October 17, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Government agencies join UK hydrogen fuel project

The Greater London Authority, Welsh Government, and Transport Scotland have all joined the UK H2Mobility project. This project aims to promote the use of hydrogen fuel cells in the transportation sector and has been responsible for the building of new hydrogen fuel stations in some parts of the United Kingdom. The UK has a keen interest in clean transportation because it can help the country reach its emissions reduction goals.

New members to play pivotal role in development of hydrogen fuel infrastructure

The three new partners of H2Mobility will aid in the project’s various endeavors. Each new member will play a role in the planning, development, and research of hydrogen fuel and how it can be used in transportation. One of the primary goals of the project is to develop a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure throughout the United Kingdom. While the country does have a small number of fuel stations currently open to the public, the majority of these stations are located in or around London. Without a larger infrastructure, hydrogen-powered vehicles are not likely to be popular with consumers.

Hydrogen Fuel - H2MobilityTransport Scotland aims to decarbonize transportation

Transport Scotland has committed itself to aiding in the project’s various endeavors. Scotland has plans to decarbonize transportation within the near future in order to mitigate the impact that the country has on the environment. The country has also adopted a strong interest in renewable energy. Hydrogen fuel plays a role in the Scottish energy scheme as it will lower the emissions produced by vehicles and reduce the country’s need for fossil-fuels.

Project aims to overcome challenges facing hydrogen fuel

The support provided from H2Mobility’s newest partners may be a major boon for hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen transportation currently faces many challenges, none of which can be overcome without significant monetary and administrative support. While infrastructure may be the primary focus of the H2Mobility project currently, the project’s partners are also working to reduce the overall cost of fuel cell technology in the hopes of also reducing the cost of fuel cell vehicles.

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