Hydrogen fuel vehicle fleet reaches major milestone

August 12, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

Hydrogen fuel wins a major victory in the transportation sector

The Clean Energy Partnership, a joint project from many of the world’s prominent automakers, has reached a major milestone with its fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The organization was formed to highlight the potential benefits of hydrogen fuel and its uses in transportation. To this end, the organization utilizes a fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles to display their reliability, efficiency, and performance. For the past several years, the organization has been able to show that hydrogen-powered vehicles can operate effectively and for long periods of time without any significant problems.

Fleet travels 1.24 million miles without significant incident

The joint venture’s fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles has now successfully traveled 1.24 million miles since beginning service in 2005. This is considered a major milestone for these vehicles and is being lauded as a victory for hydrogen fuel in the field of transportation. The vehicles used by the Clean Energy Partnership did not fall victim to any major disaster and were able to operate without serious complications.

hydrogen fuel reaches milestoneFleet comprised of 100 vehicles from prominent automakers

The Clean Energy Partnership fleet is currently comprised of nearly 100 hydrogen-powered vehicles. These vehicles have been provided by Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, and several other prominent automakers. These vehicles have been part of exhibitions in events around the world, but have primarily remained within Europe. Several demonstration projects have been launched by the Clean Energy Partnership to showcase the capabilities of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel continues to gain ground in auto industry

Hydrogen fuel has gained a significant amount of momentum in the auto industry. Hydrogen is largely considered one of the ideal replacements for petroleum when it comes to a new generation of vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with fuel cells that utilize hydrogen in order to produce electrical power. Hydrogen-powered vehicles have, thus far, shown that their performance is on par with that of their more conventional counterparts.

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