Nel achieves world first within hydrogen fueling industry

Nel achieves world first within hydrogen fueling industry

August 29, 2023 1 By Alicia Moore

The company has secured the world’s first ULC certified H2 station.

Nel Hydrogen has achieved an Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) certification for a hydrogen fueling station, making it the first company in the world to secure this certification in the H2 fueling industry.

The ULC is a globally recognized authority in product safety and quality certification.

An independent, nongovernmental organization, the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). It is a widely accepted regulator mainly in the US and Canada and a globally recognized authority in product safety and quality certification.

The ULC is known for developing rigorous industry standards. All products that receive ULC certification must meet stringent and comprehensive requirements to ensure safety and quality. As such, much like having a UL (its American counterpart) having ULC certification is widely seen as a sign of superior quality. Much more than a simple validation, this certification is an endorsement that a product has met a complex set of standards by passing an array of tests and assessments.

With this certification for its hydrogen fueling station, Nel Hydrogen has set a new industry benchmark for performance, quality and safety.

The hydrogen fueling station certification achievement is a “game-changing accomplishment”.

“By obtaining the first-ever ULC certification for a hydrogen fueling station, Nel has achieved an unparalleled feat,” said Ulrich Schöler, Project Manager, Projects & Product Development. “This game-changing accomplishment signifies that our hydrogen station conforms to the high standards of safety, quality, and performance set by ULC.”

Hydrogen fueling station quality, safety, performance

With this milestone, Nel has established its company as not only a pioneer but has set a precedent for the Canadian Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) industry. Schöler said Nel hopes its achievement will help drive the Canadian HRS industry to “coalesce around a standard certification.”

A significant marketplace advantage.

hydrogen news ebookMichael Stefan, Senior Director Product Management stated that “In the immediate future, this ULC certification offers Nel a significant advantage in the marketplace.” However, beyond this certification, Nel’s “pioneering efforts are geared towards driving industry-wide improvements, fostering trust with our customers, and fortifying our position as a global leader in hydrogen fueling solutions.”

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