Canadian hydrogen fueling stations network plans launch at Air Products

Canadian hydrogen fueling stations network plans launch at Air Products

April 29, 2024 0 By John Max

The company said that it intends to run a string of locations in the province of Alberta

Air Products and Chemicals, an industrial gas manufacturer, recently announced its intention to build a network of hydrogen fueling stations in the Canadian province of Alberta.

The network will run 185 miles from Edmonton to Calgary

The hydrogen fueling stations will be equipped for heavy-duty vehicle refuelling. This includes municipal and commercial buses and trucks. That said, it will also be able to fill light-duty fuel cell cars and vans.

These will be permanent facilities to provide H2 refilling to fuel cell vehicles in the region.  The first of the locations is slated to open next year, according to Air Products.

Hydrogen fueling stations fed by local production facilities

Air Products already operates three H2 production facilities in the Canadian province. Moreover, it also owns a 35-mile H2 pipeline in the Alberta Industrial Heartland.  According to the company, this infrastructure – from production to pipeline to refilling locations – will be important to helping Western Canada to meet its energy decarbonization goals.

Alberta isn’t the only Canadian province in which the company is already operating. In Sarnia, Ontario, it has also opened an H2 production facility, a 20-mile pipeline network, and a liquefaction facility.

Looking to H2 to meet climate targets

Canada is far from alone in its efforts to incorporate hydrogen into its energy decarbonization strategy in order to meet its climate targets.

Hydrogen fueling stations - H2 to lower emissions

The United States and countries around the globe are betting on H2 to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. Hydrogen fueling stations are one step among many to help provide reliability to power supplies that are increasingly dependent on renewables such as wind and solar, which can be intermittent.

Hydrogen fueling stations will make it easier to use H2 vehicles

hydrogen news ebookAmong the top challenges to adopting fuel cell vehicles for passenger cars or transport fleets is the lack of locations to refill them. With filling infrastructure, it will make it easier for individuals and businesses to choose these vehicles as they seek zero-emission transportation options.

According to Air Products Canada Vice President and General Manager Rachel Smith, each of the hydrogen fuel stations her company is building will be able to fill as many as 200 heavy-duty trucks or 2,000 cars on a daily basis.

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