Hydrogen Grand Prix series to begin in Singapore in late 2023

Hydrogen Grand Prix series to begin in Singapore in late 2023

March 9, 2023 0 By Julie Campbell

David Wu, President of Ascent Hydrogen Fund was named the Singapore H2GP ambassador.

The Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) STEAM educational program for high school students will take place later this year, and the series will begin in Singapore.

The event allows participating high school teams to focus on renewable energy and H2 in particular.

hydrogen news ebookThe event provides teams of high school students the opportunity to focus on hydrogen produced by renewable sources while they develop and build model vehicles that will compete in exciting endurance races. The radio-controlled vehicles reach speeds as fast as 100 kilometers per hour.

The series continues until the top teams from 20 countries worldwide have the opportunity to compete for the Hydrogen Grand Prix World Championship.

The ambassador for the H2GP has been named as David Wu, the president of Ascent Hydrogen Fund. Wu has already been working with several of the top H2 stakeholders in Singapore, including large corporations, non-profits, educational institutions and government-related entities.

The Hydrogen Grand Prix provides students with the hands-on opportunity to interact with renewable energy.

“What’s always surprised me, is despite the growing amount of people who work in the hydrogen or the hydrogen-related economy, there is still a large number of people who have never seen or fully understand how a fuel cell works,” said Wu. “This is why this program is so critically important; so that today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders can fully understand the science, the power and the pragmatic use cases for hydrogen. This is even more important for Singapore when it has already publicly stated that hydrogen may represent up to half of the country’s energy needs by 2050.

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The Hydrogen Grand Prix is the only global educational program created to provide a guided, hands-on curriculum experience involving every step along the H2 value chain. The materials comprising the program include everything from H2 production to its storage, use and maintenance.

Participating students have the opportunity to design, build, and then race their own radio-controlled 1:10 vehicle powered by H2. Their participation gives them the chance to build critical STEAM skills that combine creativity and teamwork with science and engineering.

The students build the competition track model car and must conduct analyses of track and vehicle data to be able to make the optimization adjustments required for the car’s endurance and speed.

Working toward the Hydrogen Grand Prix Finals for the win.

The program is getting started with various competition stages occurring throughout this year to allow countries to select their representatives for the finals. The inaugural Singapore Hydrogen Grand Prix Finals will be taking place next year.

The winning team will qualify to participate in the World Finals which will take place in September 2024.

The event was created by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies to support H2 education and awareness.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies was founded in 2003. At that time, it was selling miniature fuel cells to help to demonstrate to schools and students the potential of H2 technologies. At the same time, it invested into research and development for more advanced products as well as larger scale applications.

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The Horizon Educational Group was created in 2013 as an independent division of the company that was focused on the deployment of a full spectrum of educational solutions. It now develops, produces and distributes hands-on teaching materials and didactic equipment in addition to online curricula and educational programs. “With distributors in over 150 countries, the STEM kits and technical training equipment have an international reputation for quality, educational content and award-winning design,” said the event’s official website.

The Hydrogen Grand Prix is meant to offer students fun and meaningful learning opportunities by placing innovative tech within their own classrooms.

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