This new company is prepared to unlock hydrogen heating like never before

This new company is prepared to unlock hydrogen heating like never before

May 21, 2024 0 By Tami Hood

HYTING is ready to take on the decarbonization heating challenge.

Newly established, Germany-based HYTING is a tech company focused on developing hydrogen heating for a greener future. Decarbonizing heating is no easy feat and is currently seen as a global challenge, with heating accounting for an estimated 15% of the world’s carbon emissions. HYTING aims to do its part overcoming this challenge with its patents-pending H2 heating system.

A safe heating system with an innovative catalytic process.

The hydrogen heating company has developed a highly efficient, carbon-free forced-air heating system. The system utilizes an innovative catalytic process that converts hydrogen and oxygen from air into heat.

Compared to other heating systems that use hydrogen combustion to produce heat, HYTING’s tech generates no carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, or particulate emissions. The only by-product that results from the system’s operation is water.

What’s more, the process the heating system uses is inherently safe, because it doesn’t use flammable concentrations of hydrogen at any point of its operation.

A hydrogen heating system that is cost-effective.

HYTING’s robust, safe, and highly efficient hydrogen heating system is also impressive because it’s cost-effective. HYTING designed the system so that it can work using commonly available sources of hydrogen. This means that while it can use high-purity grades, it isn’t necessary. Additionally, the hydrogen is supplied to the system at around 1.5 bar, about the same low pressures typical of natural gas supplies. As such, there is no need for costly and energy-intensive compression and storage.

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“We want to play our part in accelerating the transition from fossil fuels towards a more sustainable future by placing our zero-emissions heating systems at the heart of the clean hydrogen economy,” said HYTING founder, Tim Hannig.

Hanning added that the company is preparing its tech for the first customer trials, with a goal to “quickly scale to volume production” within the next couple of years.

The first prototypes are currently being tested, and customer trails are slated to begin in Germany by the end of 2024.

Just how innovative is the technology?

hydrogen news ebookHYTING’s hydrogen heating technology is groundbreaking because it uses several proven, existing elements from the automotive and heating industries. Moreover, the system has been designed to be modular and highly scalable, with outputs of 10-300 kilowatt. This makes it possible to configure the system for an array of various heating applications, including residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings. Not only that, but it can reportedly accommodate both new-builds and retrofits, portable heating units, heating systems for commercial vehicles, agricultural greenhouses and even pizza ovens.

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