Hydrogen injection kits could help decarbonize mining, oil and gas

Hydrogen injection kits could help decarbonize mining, oil and gas

August 30, 2023 1 By Bret Williams

It is notoriously difficult to reduce carbon emissions in these industries, but new tech could help.

United H2 Limited recently announced that one of that conglomerate’s investee companies has unveiled new hydrogen injection kits meant to be used in the decarbonization of industries that currently rely on diesel generators, such as in mining, oil and gas.

The first ten units have already been manufactured and are being prepared for field testing.

Part of the United H2 Limited Group, H2i Technology has already manufactured ten of the hydrogen injection kits, which are commercially ready and will be used by potential customers in a six-month testing period.

These hardware units were developed by H2i Technology, including their proprietary software for the management of the H2 injection into diesel engines. The purpose is to substantially reduce the carbon emissions of those engines, while also shrinking fuel costs.

Among the advantages identified in a press release announcing the production of the first two units are that overall emissions are greatly reduced in diesel internal combustion engines. The exhaust smoke overall is cut by 49 percent, and the exhaust opacity is decreased by 50 percent.

The company claims that use of the hydrogen injection kits reduces fuel costs by 10 percent to 20 percent.

The announcement also claimed that the average yearly fuel savings per unit comes to about $56700 (£45,000) when operating a 250KVA generator. Moreover, additional savings occur when larger-scale diesel engines are operated. For every unit used, the company states that there will be an annual carbon emission reduction of 300 tons.

Hydrogen Injection Kits - H2i system installed - H2i Technology

H2i system installed – H2i Technology

The testing process provides companies with access to the carbon credit system in the United Kingdom.

Practical on-site benefits

hydrogen news ebookThis is particularly appealing to industries such as those participating in underground mining, as the exhaust smoke produced in those environments also comes with health risks that can be substantially reduced for on-site employees when those emissions are cut.

The smoke opacity reduction of the hydrogen injection kits helps to shrink maintenance costs for machinery, while also making it possible to extend an engine’s operational lifespan.

H2i Technology is now conducting final calibrations and testing, which it expects will be completed in under a month.

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