HFN offers so much more than Hydrogen News

HFN offers so much more than Hydrogen News

December 21, 2022 0 By Alicia Moore

Beyond articles about the very latest in H2, readers have access to a wealth of resources and tools.

HFN has become well recognized for the hydrogen news and information stories we regularly share with our readers throughout the week, but many don’t realize that we have a great deal more to offer than these great reads!

From a free ebook to an active YouTube channel, readers can enjoy many features and resources.

This month, HFN re-launched an updated, redesigned edition of the popular Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Now & Future ebook. The free ebook has new topics, updated information, and a convenient design that makes it even easier and more comfortable to read. The flip style with adjustable brightness and text size makes it as attractive as it is informative, particularly with the supporting graphics that help to ensure any complex points are simple to visualize and understand.

Grab your copy of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Now & Future ebook here!

hydrogen news - hydrogen fuel cell ebook

Whether you want to understand the basics of H2 for use as a zero carbon emission fuel, or you want to get more out of the hydrogen news you read on this site every day, this free ebook will help you to feel confident in your understanding of H2 and what it has to offer a spectrum of industries as they decarbonize.

You can also watch hydrogen news headlines on our growing YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to keep up with the top H2 headlines, our YouTube channel is where you want to be. There, you’ll get a brief overview of some of the leading stories on this topic, helping you to conveniently stay informed and discover stories you might want to explore with greater depth on the HFN website.

Among our newest videos includes our Top 10 Hydrogen Things that Happened in 2022. It’s a summary of the hottest, most surprising, and most impactful events that took place this year and that will lead us into 2023.

At HFN, our team is working hard to make sure you stay informed about the most important hydrogen news as we build a strong H2 community where we can learn and share together. To make it even easier to know you won’t miss a thing, don’t forget to sign up for our (spam-free) newsletter.

While you’re at it, we welcome you to take part in our updated green vote topics, and our rich social media communities where you can share the hydrogen news articles and videos that mean the most to you with your friends and family.

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