Autonomous hydrogen pontoon unveiled for Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Autonomous hydrogen pontoon unveiled for Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

February 27, 2024 0 By Tami Hood

Yacht Club de Monaco is behind the green H2 innovation.

In preparation for the 11th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, which takes place from July 1st – 6th 2024, Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) unveiled the first autonomous hydrogen pontoon, which will provide green hydrogen to the race’s eight teams.

Sustainable development goals and corporate social responsibility.

YCM’s hydrogen pontoon is the organization’s latest initiative in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and supported by the collective “Monaco, Capital of Advance Yachting” approach.
Additionally, the H2 pontoon highlights the Yacht Club of Monaco’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The objective of this policy is to realize the visions of a Sovereign who believes that “faced with the climate emergency, it is imperative that living proof of progress replaces all the promises”, states a recent news release about the launch of the hydrogen pontoon.

The hydrogen pontoon weighs about 1.3 tons.

The builder of the hydrogen pontoon is SBM Offshore, a partner of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. The autonomous floating facility weighs an estimated 1.3 tons and is equipped with 20m2 surface area of floating solar panels that are connected to batteries. This allows for uninterrupted green hydrogen production day and night.

The platform features a remote-control system that lets it monitor electorylzer flow, battery charge, the heating and cooling system, alarms, sensors, and a dehumidifier.

It can fill 30 cylinders.

The facility has a cylinder fill time one liter per minute and is capable of filling 30 cylinders.

Green hydrogen pontoon, the latest green initiative of the Yacht Club de Monaco

Green hydrogen pontoon, the latest green initiative of the Yacht Club de Monaco – Image source: Yacht Club de Monaco

For this year’s event, participating teams have the choice of 9-liter or 13-liter hydrogen cylinders.

Each team is permitted to estimate its consumption based on the power source it chooses and is also allowed to generate energy during the race.

The pontoon is currently moored in the YCM Marina.

hydrogen news ebookSince January, the hydrogen pontoon has been moored in the YCM Marina. The hydrogen H2 floating facility will help to lower the event’s carbon footprint by supplying the eight teams ahead of the meeting, as well as promoting the use of energy resources that are environmentally responsible.

“The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge was launched 11 years ago. It is very satisfying to see how far we have progressed,” said YCM General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri. “Even with limited resources it is now possible to produce green hydrogen.”

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