Hydrogen Production by H-TEC Systems’ Efficiency Breakthrough

Hydrogen Production by H-TEC Systems’ Efficiency Breakthrough

June 4, 2024 0 By Bret Williams

Redefining Hydrogen Production Economics

H-TEC Systems has announced a significant efficiency breakthrough in hydrogen production with their Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP), achieving an impressive system efficiency of 77 percent (51 kWh/kg) at 30 bar pressure. This efficiency rate far surpasses the industry standard, promising substantial advancements in the renewable energy sector.

Focus on Large-Scale Industrial Applications

H-TEC Systems is dedicated to serving large-scale, hard-to-abate industries by providing efficient and sustainable hydrogen solutions.

With over twenty-five years of expertise in the hydrogen sector, H-TEC Systems operates facilities in Germany and Houston, USA. As part of MAN Energy Solutions, H-TEC Systems leverages the support and resources of a larger entity. This enables them to combine an independent and flexible operational structure with the extensive industrial experience and customer access of MAN ES.

Hydrogen Production - ME450 2023 BG COMP 01 A4 Copyright

ME450 2023 BG COMP 01 A4 – Image Source: H-TEC Systems

Additionally, the inclusion within the Volkswagen Group endows H-TEC Systems with unique strengths in series production and supply chain management. This strategic affiliation positions H-TEC Systems as a critical provider of technology for the Power-to-X value chain, ensuring they can deliver innovative and impactful solutions to the renewable energy sector.

Technical Superiority and Comparisons

ME450 PEM Electrolyzer

  • Capacity: 1 MW
  • Production: 450 kg of grade 5.0 pure hydrogen per day
  • Efficiency: 75 percent at 30 bar, achieving over 90 percent with exhaust heat utilization
  • Design: Compact, 40′ container, suitable for mobility projects or power-to-X applications

Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP)

  • Scalability: Connects 10-MW blocks to form systems with capacities of 10 to 100 MW+
  • Efficiency: 77 percent at 30 bar pressure
  • Design: Standardized 10-MW modules with integrated process water treatment and power supply
  • Applications: Ideal for large-scale hydrogen projects in industrial operations

How It Works

The Modular Hydrogen Platform operates by integrating advanced electrolysis technology with highly efficient power management and water treatment processes. This design ensures that each 10-MW module functions optimally, reducing energy loss and enhancing overall system performance. By standardizing the modules, H-TEC Systems can easily scale up operations while maintaining high efficiency and reliability.

Hydrogen Production - H-TEC MHP RGB

H-TEC MHP RGB – Image Source: H-TEC Systems

Superior Features

The MHP’s 77 percent efficiency at 30 bar pressure translates to significant reductions in energy costs for hydrogen production. This not only lowers operational expenses but also minimizes the carbon footprint, making the platform an environmentally friendly choice. The compact design and scalability of the MHP make it versatile enough for various industrial applications, from transportation to power generation. In comparison, the ME450 PEM Electrolyzer offers a high-efficiency solution for smaller, mobile projects, achieving over 90 percent efficiency with exhaust heat utilization.

Real-World Impact and Case Studies

H-TEC Systems is actively working to make green hydrogen more affordable and competitive. The company is set to open its Gigahub stack production facility in Hamburg by September, aiming to produce PEM electrolysis stacks with a total capacity of up to 5 gigawatts annually. This facility will help meet the growing demand for hydrogen across various sectors, demonstrating H-TEC Systems’ commitment to advancing the hydrogen economy.

Join the Conversation at ees Europe 2024

hydrogen news ebookVisitors to ees/The smarter E Europe from June 19 to 21, 2024, can learn more about H-TEC Systems’ innovative solutions, including the ME450 and Modular Hydrogen Platform, at Hall B2, Stand B2.617. Additionally, Maximilian Kuhnert, Sales Manager at H-TEC Systems, will present “The Promise & The Risks of Hydrogen Electrolysis Projects” on Friday, June 21, at 9:50 am in the Green Hydrogen Forum & Expo in Hall B2.

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