These two companies seek a win-win for hydrogen production and offshore wind generation

These two companies seek a win-win for hydrogen production and offshore wind generation

May 28, 2024 0 By Hydrogen Fuel News

Hy2Gen USA and OCE are collaborating to explore and supply renewable fuel.

Hy2Gen USA Inc. and Ocean Connect Energy (OCE) Inc. are coming together to explore offshore wind locations for hydrogen production and to produce renewable wind power.

Investigating clean power supply for the US and the world.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Hy2gen USA (the US subsidiary of global green H2 producer HyGen) and Ocean Connect Energy, will see the companies work together to investigate the potential to power renewable H2 production from offshore wind energy.

Specifically, Hy2gen USA and OCE will identify, evaluate, and develop ideal locations to power Hy2gen’s green hydrogen and e-fuel production from OCE’s gigawatt-scale offshore wind power generation solutions that it develops in the United States and across the globe. The goal of the co-development is to accelerate the production of renewable fuel and offshore wind.

Green hydrogen production can revolutionize where offshore wind is developed.

According to a recent news release from Hy2gen, during their 10-month working group, Hy2gen and OCE wind energy experts will identify and mature high-capacity offshore wind power locations where project development may be hampered by factors such as low electricity demand, constrained grid transmission, and so on.

Hydrogen Production - Offshore Wind Energy

The companies seek to create “predictable and lasting demand for energy” by building green hydrogen production near the point of interconnect from offshore wind power generation.

“This makes the need for new grid transmission less urgent and the need for infrastructure investment less substantial, while accelerating wind energy project execution,” explained Hy2gen USA Inc. President David White.

Ocean Connect Energy CEO Keven Banister said that “Green hydrogen can change the paradigm of where offshore wind is developed” adding that “Done right, pairing the two can result in efficient project development and capital allocation.” 

A commitment to generating renewable fuels that meet the highest standards.

hydrogen news ebookSpecializing in green hydrogen production, Hy2Gen is dedicated to generating renewable fuels that meet the highest standards established for the industry. As such, it’s not surprising that the research the company is conducting is part of its strategy to embrace the clean H2 regulatory framework laid out by the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act as well as subsequent guidelines expected from the US Department of Treasury.

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