Hyundai brings hydrogen fuel vehicle to California

May 23, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

hyundai - Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

California to receive shipments of ix35 fuel cell vehicles in the coming weeks

Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered ix35 vehicles are beginning to make their way to the U.S. The automaker has announced that the first delivery of its highly anticipated fuel cell vehicles will take place over the next few weeks. These vehicles are being delivered to Southern California and will be available through leasing programs. Those interested in driving the ix35 will be able to do so for $499 a month, which includes free hydrogen fuel at all participating fuel stations in California.

Hyundai continues to generate hype for its hydrogen-powered vehicle

Hyundai has managed to generate a great deal of hype around its hydrogen-powered vehicle. The ix35 has been at the forefront of the company’s clean transportation promotion efforts and has managed to attract a strong following in the European Union. The ix35 is the first fuel cell vehicle to be mass produced and has won accolades from organizations that have begun using these vehicles as part of the clean transportation fleet. Hyundai is expected to be among the very first companies in the auto industry to bring hydrogen-powered vehicles to the commercial market.

Fuel cells are growing more popular throughout the auto industry as companies seek to reduce emissions

Hydrogen fuel cells have become rampantly popular in the auto industry. These energy systems had once been used exclusively in industrial fields, but advances in technology has made fuel cells smaller and more durable without sacrificing performance. As such, these energy systems have become somewhat ideal for transportation. Automakers have turned to fuel cells in order to comply with government regulations concerning emissions. Many of the world’s governments are seeking to reduce emissions by placing more stringent regulations on the auto industry.

Other automakers have plans to bring fuel cell vehicles to California as well

Hyundai will not be the only automaker that will bring hydrogen-powered vehicles to California. Toyota, Honda, and several others also have similar plans, but will release their fuel cell vehicles in the future. Honda already has its own hydrogen-powered vehicle on California’s roadways, but the availability of this vehicle is severely limited.

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