Hyundai joins HyTEC to support hydrogen fuel in transportation

January 30, 2015 0 By Erin Kilgore

Hyundai joins the Hydrogen Transport in European Cities consortium

South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced that it has joined the Hydrogen Transport in European Cities (HyTEC) consortium. HyTEC is meant to expand the existing hydrogen fuel network in Europe, which is needed to support fuel cell vehicles in the public and personal transportation spaces. This project also works to demonstrate the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used in the transportation field. Hyundai is one of several prominent companies that have joined the project in support of clean transportation.

Hyundai to deliver its new fuel cell vehicles to Oslo in support of HyTEC projects

Hyundai will be delivering its new fuel cell vehicle, the ix35, to Oslo this year, where it will be putting the city’s hydrogen infrastructure to the test. The vehicles that Hyundai delivers will serve as part of HyTEC initiatives in Denmark and the United Kingdom as well. In these countries, new hydrogen fuel stations are being built to support the growing clean transportation sector. Testing the fueling capabilities of these stations is an important part in building a comprehensive hydrogen network.

HyTEC initiatives aim to collect operational data on fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fuel stations

hyundai - Hydrogen FuelThere are several initiatives that are currently underway by the HyTEC consortium. These initiatives are designed to gather operational data from fleets of fuel cell vehicles and the fueling stations that they are using. This data will be examined in order to determine how the hydrogen infrastructure in several European cities can be improved. This data will also help HyTEC develop a better understanding of how fuel cell vehicles can be assimilated into the existing public and personal transportation spaces.

Hydrogen may be a direct solution to the problems that the transportation field faces currently

HyTEC Project Coordinator and European Business Manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems with Air Products Diana Raine has expressed enthusiasm for Hyundai’s entry into the consortium. According to Raine, HyTEC hopes to continue demonstrating that hydrogen is not a fuel that will be used in the distant future. Instead, hydrogen can be used today to great effect and can make the transportation field significantly more environmentally friendly.

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