Hyundai testing a self-driving car powered by hydrogen fuel

August 28, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Hyundai has begun experimenting with its R Car

South Korea’s largest automaker, Hyundai, is beginning to test a new vehicle it called the “R Car.” The vehicle is being tested at the company’s High-Tech Research Center and it may have an impact on the transportation space in the future. The R Car is designed as a fully self-driving vehicle which may make it safer for drivers to travel, but it is also equipped with a hydrogen fuel cells, which makes the R Car environmentally friendly as well.

Automaker continues to show interest in hydrogen fuel cells and clean transportation

Hyundai has established a history with fuel cells, showing interest in this technology and how it can be used in transportation. These energy systems use hydrogen in order to generate electricity. The only byproduct of this process is water vapor and oxygen, making fuel cells a good solution for automakers wanting to comply with increasingly strict emissions regulations. Hyundai has already brought a fuel cell vehicle to the market and the automaker is now looking toward the future, where self-driving vehicles may become the next big thing.

R Car will use hydrogen fuel and solar energy for its power

hyundai - Hydrogen FuelThe R Car will make use of hydrogen fuel cell technology developed by Hyundai as well as an intelligent sensor called “Lidar.” The sensor uses a focused beam of light to avoid hazard in the road in an effort to make the self-driving care safer. The vehicle is also equipped with solar panels, which are located on its rooftop. These solar panels will generate electricity that will help power the vehicle’s internal components.

Hyundai is developing technologies to improve the future of the transportation industry

Hyundai already has a research and development center in South Korea that is devoted to testing technologies that can be used in the current market. The High-Tech Research Center, however, exists to study technologies that could improve the future of transportation. Some of these technologies may not be seen in the auto industry for several years. Despite the time it may take to bring these technologies into the commercial market, Hyundai is hopeful that transportation will begin to evolve, becoming safer and more environmentally friendly.

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