Increase costs for fossil fuels spurs demand for commercial hydrogen uses

February 23, 2011 0 By Angie Bergenson

Ballard Power Systems, a hydrogen fuel cell developer…

has confirmed the finalization of an arrangement to deliver hydrogen fuel cells to K2 Pure Solutions bleach plant in Pittsburgh, California. The plan was first announced in August last year and the company has been waiting on an air permit exemption from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District as well as a grant from California’s Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

Ballard confirms that it has now received both the air permit exemption and the grant from SGIP.

The fuel cell system developed by Ballard, the CLEARgen system, will convert hydrogen into clean electricity that will offset the power demand of the stat-of-the-art bleach plant. Ballard will begin installation in mid 2012.

More industrial companies have been making the change to hydrogen fuel cells in recent years, spurred by environmental issues and the increasing cost of fossil-fuels. Ballard is among the foremost providers of hydrogen fuel cells for these companies.

Skepticism abounds as to the viability of hydrogen fuel, due to the challenges in storage and lack of infrastructure. These challenges are already being overcome by advancements in technology and more efficient methods of hydrogen production. Ballard is aiming to prove that hydrogen is not only viable, but necessary to power the future.

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