Insight into the impact of electric vehicles

August 15, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

Report highlights the impact electric vehicles have on California energy grid

Electric vehicles are beginning to hit the streets in greater numbers and there are more of these vehicles in California than anywhere else in the U.S. These electric vehicles rely on the state’s energy infrastructure in order to stay charged and this may be having a significant impact on the energy grid, according to Southern California Edison. The energy utility has released a new report in order to provide insight on what sort of impact these vehicles are having.

California remains a prominent market for electric vehicles

According to the report, Southern California Edison customers lease or own more than 12,000 electric vehicles, and these customers represent nearly 10% of the sales for such vehicles. The report notes that while ownership of electric vehicles is on the rise, the work required to ensure that the state’s infrastructure can support these vehicles is minimal. The utility claims that more work is required in the general maintenance of the energy grid than what is required to support electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles CostConsumers interested in the costs associated with new vehicles

The report shows that approximately 15,000 people visit the Southern California Edison electric vehicle website daily. Approximately 46% of these visitors make use of the site’s Plug-In Car Rate Assistance Tool, which is meant to provide an estimate on how much it would cost to charge electric vehicles. Visitors also use the site to find local charging stations that they could use for their vehicles. The report also shows that electric vehicles are most popular among homeowners. Those living in apartments and condominiums do show interest in these vehicles, but the property managers that own apartment and condominium buildings have shown nearly no interest in installing charging stations to the benefit of residents.

Utility prepared to support growing adoption of electric vehicles

Overall, the advent of electric vehicles is having a modest impact on the state’s energy grid. While consumption of electricity has grown since the arrival of these vehicles, Southern California Edison notes that it is willing and able to support the continued adoption of electric vehicles well into the future. The utility is currently involved in numerous renewable energy projects that could help provide the electrical power needed to keep these vehicles charged.

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