IPCC report highlights the risks of climate change

November 7, 2014 0 By John Max

New report sheds light on the environmental consequences of a changing climate

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a new report that identifies the risks that climate change represents. The Synthesis Report, as it is called, draws upon data produced by more than 800 scientists and research organizations throughout the world and aims to shed more light on the environmental consequences of the climate phenomenon. Notably, the report shows that the impact of climate change are already being seen in many parts of the world and if the issue is not addressed, there may be serious problems in the future.

Tackling a changing climate may be impossible without cooperation

The IPCC notes that addressing the threat of climate change will be impossible if there is not a unified effort to do so. Countries and organizations that do not work together may not be able to mitigate the impact of a changing climate, as they will likely work with their best interests in mind. Cooperation may be quite difficult, however, as climate change and renewable energy have become divisive issues, especially where politics are concerned.

Politics may determine whether or not any action is taken on climate change

Climate Change - RisksPolitics has longed played an overarching role in the energy sector, as has the climate. In the past, relatively little attention was paid to the matter of global warming, but as global temperatures have begun to grow, countries are beginning to show more concern for climate change and its possible consequences. Despite growing concerns for the climate, many politicians still disagree that more action should be taken on the matter, partly because they disagree with the notion that climate change is caused by human action.

Solutions to a changing climate are readily available and well understood

There is some optimism in the report from the IPCC. The report notes that there are many solutions to climate issues and most of these solutions are already well understood. As such, there is little need for new technology to be developed to overcome environmental issues, and governmental regulations could be enough to curb emissions and promote growth in the clean energy sector with minor tweaks.

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