AMO seeks information concerning clean technology

September 23, 2014 0 By Bret Williams

AMO launched a request for information concerning the challenges that clean technology faces

The Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office has issued a request for information concerning clean technology and renewable energy. The agency is seeking out information regarding mid-Technology Readiness Level research and development issues, hoping to establish a better understanding of the challenges that face renewable energy in the global market. The agency is also looking to better understand the challenges that exist in the development of clean technology and discover how these challenges can be overcome.

Initiative aims to find more efficient ways to manufacture clean energy systems

The Advanced Manufacturing Office has a particular interest in challenges concerning advanced technology. Developing clean energy systems is an expensive endeavor and the high cost of research and development can keep many projects from reaching fruition. Some of these challenges have to do with the manufacturing processes that are used when developing clean technology. By introducing more efficient manufacturing practices, the costs of producing clean energy systems could be cut down, which may make renewable energy more attractive.

Fuel cells will receive attention from the AMO

Seeking clean technology informationThe initiative is expected to accept a wide range of applications coming from organizations in the clean energy space. Hydrogen fuel cells are expected to receive attention from this initiative, as fuel cells are one of the most expensive clean energy systems currently available. These energy systems make use of a significant amount of platinum, which affects their ultimate cost by a significant degree. While these energy systems are quite expensive, they are also becoming very popular in the transportation sector, where they are being used to power new vehicles.

Solving the challenges facing clean technology may make renewable energy more attractive

Finding ways to solve the problems that the clean technology sector is facing is becoming more of a priority for government agencies and organizations involved in renewable energy. Clean power is beginning to play a larger role throughout the country, but if it cannot be made more affordable than it is currently, the adoption of clean energy may slow down, keeping the country’s reliance on fossil-fuels high.

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