ITM Power to investigate gas-to-power storage system in Germany

ITM Power to investigate gas-to-power storage system in Germany

September 5, 2012 0 By John Max

ITM Power signs Letter of Intent to test efficient gas and energy storage

ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent with one of the largest utility energy companies in Germany. According to the Letter of Intent, both companies will be investigating the merits of a power-to-gas energy storage system. Such a system would allow electricity to be reserved within an existing gas and energy infrastructure. ITM Power believes that a gas-to-energy storage system would help make hydrogen fuel more viable and attractive to those interested in the adoption of alternative energy.

Germany continues to work on adopting alternative energy

Germany has been working to incorporate alternative energy more aggressively over the past two years. The Fukushima disaster of last year highlighted the potential dangers of nuclear power, thus leading Germany to abandon the energy. Since then, Germany has been working to incorporate solar and wind power, with a keen interest in hydrogen fuel for transportation. Efficient storage has been an issue for hydrogen fuel for some time and has led to significant delays in the alternative energy’s adoption.

ITM Power to produce the hydrogen used in testing the storage method

ITM Power believes that a gas-to-power storage system may be the way to solve the storage issues that face hydrogen fuel. This system would utilize the already existing energy and gas infrastructure of Germany, storing hydrogen gas and the electricity it is used to generate until it is needed. Through its partnership with the German utility company, ITM Power will produce the hydrogen fuel that will be used in testing the performance of a gas-to-power system.

Effective storage may help Germany make better use of hydrogen fuel

Germany has ambitious plans for hydrogen fuel. The country is currently working to bolster its fuel infrastructure in preparation for the commercial launch of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The government has backed the construction of several hydrogen fuel stations that will provide a strong foundation for the release of new vehicles and may make them a success amongst consumers.


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