Lark Energy wins approval for large solar energy project in UK

Lark Energy wins approval for large solar energy project in UK

November 21, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Solar Energy Approval

Lark Energy solar energy systems one step closer to reality

The largest solar energy project in the United Kingdom has moved one step closer to becoming a reality this week. Lark Energy, the company behind the project, has received approval for the initiative from the Charnwood Borough Council, the organization responsible for the land that the project will call home. The United Kingdom has become  a strong supporter of solar energy in recent years. The country’s focus on alternative energy is part of its efforts to attain sustainability and become more independent of fossil-fuels and foreign sources of power.

Solar energy project will bring 35MW of clean power

The solar energy project from Lark Energy with be comprised of more than 125,000 photovoltaic solar panels. These will panels will be located at the old Leicestershire World War II airfield. When completed, the energy system will produce more than 35 megawatts of clean electricity. The project has won financing from Hazel Capital, which expects the solar energy farm to be completed and operational by March 2013.

Renewables Obligation set to launch in 2013

Next year, the UK government will launch the Renewables Obligation, an ambitious incentive initiative that aims to provide more support for large scale solar energy projects throughout the country. This initiative is expected to help projects similar to that coming from Lark Energy take root in the UK and help the country reach its sustainability goals by 2020. For now, the project from Lark Energy will remain the largest in the country, but other projects are expected to take form in the coming years.

UK shows support for offshore wind energy

Though the United Kingdom has been showing increasing support for solar energy, this is not the only form of alternative energy the country is supporting. The UK government also holds a strong interest in wind energy, especially that which can be harnessed offshore. Offshore wind energy is quickly becoming one of the country’s most popular forms of clean power, largely due to the United Kingdom’s status as an island nation and its access to strong ocean wind streams.

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