Light therapy products become increasingly environmentally friendly

April 25, 2016 0 By Julie Campbell

A company called LTO has broken away from the traditional disposables to provide an eco-friendlier option.

Light Therapy Options (LTO), a Connecticut-based company providing products meant for healing and treating a range of different skin conditions, is beginning to stand out and above its rivals in this increasingly competitive industry by selling products that are environmentally friendly on several different levels.

 These high powered (HP) LED lights are designed to expose affected skin to certain specific wavelengths.

While there have been several light therapy products that have made their way into the mainstream market following a broad spectrum – so to speak – of reliable evidence to support its use for a range of purposes (including studies conducted by NASA), most are made of non-recyclable plastics and have a limited lifespan, among other potentially environmentally harmful features.  LTO – a company that has been in this industry for more than a decade – has created a product line that is notably different from its competition in its eco-friendliness.

 These light therapy products for rosacea, acne, anti-aging and wound healing are non-disposable, recyclable and more.

Light Therapy - Tri Peak LED Acne LightUnlike the plastic masks and tiny battery-operated hand-held, the LTO products are all designed with the following environmentally-friendly features:

  • High Power LED – not only does this technology use less electricity, but it also means that treatment times are typically from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length instead of ten to thirty minutes.
  • No replacement parts required – these products, such as the Tri Peak LED acne light consist of a power head bulb. They are highly durable as they have been designed to withstand home use, spa use and travel, and have a lifespan rating of 50,000 hours.  When using the device for treatments of 3 minutes at a time, it means the product is likely to last for several lifetimes.
  • Non-disposable – due to the long lifespan of the product, it is not disposable. LTO does not believe that planned obsolescence is a responsible practice and has taken care to make sure that its power heads, such as the Dual Care LED rosacea light will never need to be replaced.
  • Recyclable – that said, when the time does come, many years down the road, that an LTO product is no longer wanted or required, they are made entirely of recyclable parts.
  • Does not contain toxic gases – unlike compact fluorescent bulbs and many other types of light sources, LTO power heads do not contain toxic gases.
  • Not battery-operated – these energy efficient devices function only when plugged into a wall socket. Batteries never need to be used and therefore never need to be disposed of.
  • Combined products – several of the condition-specific light therapy products such as the Tri Peak and the Dual Care have been designed to combine the benefits of multiple other products sold by the company. This allows customers to purchase only one power head and reduce the required energy consumption for every treatment as only one bulb is needed instead of two.


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