Plug Power marks new liquid hydrogen achievement

Plug Power marks new liquid hydrogen achievement

February 13, 2024 0 By Tami Hood

Plug Cryogenic Trailers make liquid H2 deliveries only two days after operations start.

Just two days after the official start of its operations at its Charleston, Tennessee hydrogen production plant, Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) has filled Plug cryogenic trailers with liquid hydrogen to be delivered at east coast pedestal customer sites, including Walmart, Home Depot and others.

Plug implemented design improvements to its Tennessee plant to enhance efficiency.

In addition to enhancing overall plant efficiency, the improvements at the Tennessee plant were also implemented to lower the average cost of delivered hydrogen, impacting the company’s fuel cell margins.

Presently, the plant in Tennessee adds about ten TPD (tons per day) of liquid hydrogen supply back onto the US market. This supply of liquid H2 services Plug customers in fuel cell electric vehicle fleets, material handling operations, and stationary power applications.

The company has also been busy commissioning its network of hydrogen plants this year. Beyond its Tennessee plant, Plug began liquid hydrogen production at its Georgia plant. This facility, which became officially operational on January 23rd of this year, produces 15 TDP of liquid green hydrogen, making it the largest plant of its kind in the US market. It is also the largest PEM electrolyzer deployment operating in the nation. With its two plants, the company can provide approximately 50% of its customers’ requirements.

Plug’s liquid hydrogen production capacity has been boosted to 25 TPD.

Between the two plants, the company now has about 25 TPD of liquid hydrogen production capacity. This achievement further enhances the overall generation network in the country, making Plug a true leader in its field in the United States.

Liquid hydrogen - Transportation network

“Plug is deploying hydrogen production plants at a pace and scale unmatched by others in our sector,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power in a recent company news release.

“Unlike anyone else in the industry, Plug’s energy business spans cryogenic equipment, liquefaction, hydrogen and electrolyzers,” added Marsh. “Proving the viability of these solutions, a goal previously only within the reach of traditional industrial gas companies, signals a new era for the hydrogen industry, led by Plug.”

Transporting up to 80,000 pounds.

hydrogen news ebookPlug’s advanced cryogenic and liquefication capabilities are vital to its operations and are what make it possible for the company to safely and efficiently transport the liquid hydrogen it produces to its customers.

The company’s liquid hydrogen tankers are capable of transporting as much as 80,000 pounds per maximum gross vehicle weight. This is significant because, according to the company, it takes an estimated eight gas tube trailers to deliver the same amount of hydrogen gas as a single liquid hydrogen tanker, in comparison.

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