Micro-CHP feed-in tariff increased by UK government

Micro-CHP feed-in tariff increased by UK government

July 26, 2012 0 By John Max

Government announces boosts to feed-in tariff

The United Kingdom government has announced that it will be increasing its feed-in tariff of micro combined heart and power systems. Micro-CHP systems often make use of hydrogen fuel cells, which are capable of producing a large amount of heat while generating electricity. The UK government believes that these systems hold a great deal of potential and could help the country become less dependent on fossil-fuels. The initiative may be good news for Ceramic Fuel Cells, whose BlueGen fuel cells are the only micro-CHP system that has received certification from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Ceramic Fuel Cells may benefit from micro-CHP initiative

Because Ceramic Fuel Cells’ energy system is the first to receive certification in the UK for commercial use, the company stands to benefit from the increase of the feed-in tariff. Consumers that are installing the company’s BlueGen micro-CHP systems after December 1, 2012, will be eligible to receive financial aid through the feed-in tariff. The BlueGen fuel cells use natural gas to produce electricity, boasting of an electrical efficiency of up to 60%.

Fuel cell continue to grow in popularity in the UK

Fuel cells are becoming a popular option in the UK. The government has recently initiated a number of projects to evaluate the viability of fuel cells and hydrogen fuel. Thus far, support for micro-CHP systems has been limited. Much of the government’s focus has been spent on bolstering the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure and preparing for the commercial release of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The UK government has a keen interest in ensuring that the country becomes an ideal market for these vehicles.

Feed-in tariff may boost the popularity of micro-CHP systems

The feed-in tariff will provide consumers and businesses with a financial incentive to adopt micro-CHP systems. If other feed-in tariffs can be used as an example, this new initiative is expected to spark the rapid growth of the micro-CHP market, which could be a major boon for Ceramic Fuel Cells and other companies that manage to attain certification for their fuel cell products in the UK.


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