MIT researchers develop world’s first 3D solar power cells

MIT researchers develop world’s first 3D solar power cells

December 16, 2011 0 By Bret Williams

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are currently developing a new way to make solar energy more effective.

Solar energy is gaining traction in the U.S. as solar arrays become more technologically advanced. But for MIT’S Jeffrey Grossman, conventional solar panels are not as good as they could be and are in dire need of a redesign. Grossman’s team of researchers are working on what will be the world’s first 3D solar panels.

The solar panels are built in such a way that they will always catch the most energy from the sun no matter where it is in the sky. Conventional solar cells are static installations, harvesting energy in a passive manner. By making solar panels 3D, they can collect more light throughout the day. With more surface area available to harvest light, 3D solar panels may be the most effective way to generate clean electricity.

With alternative energy gaining momentum in the U.S., researchers throughout the country are looking to make the transition away from fossil-fuels as efficient as possible.

The progress of alternative energy has long been held back by the sleuth efficient technologies that had brought infamy the concept as a whole. Grossman’s MIT team aims to make solar energy a much more viable form of energy for the U.S. If Grossman can perfect his method of solar energy harvest, 3D solar cells may become the future of alternative energy.

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