Solar3D shows off new 3D solar cell

Solar3D shows off new 3D solar cell

September 22, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

3D solar cell produces 250% more electricity than conventional models

Solar3D, a leading solar energy technology company, has completed the first prototype of its 3D solar cell technology. The company has been working to develop a three-dimensional solar energy system for some time, believing that such a system would be profoundly more efficient than conventional systems. Initial tests of the new prototype system seem promising, as Solar3D claims that its new solar energy cell is capable of producing 250% more electricity than its conventional counterparts.

New solar energy system exceeds expectations

Solar3D researchers note that the performance of the 3D solar cell exceeds expectations. Researchers have tested the 3D solar cell alongside traditional solar energy systems and found that the Solar3D model is more efficient under a wide range of operating conditions. Tests have shown that the 3D solar cell is capable of producing large amounts of electricity in a variety of low-light conditions, largely due to the design of the solar cell itself.

Solar3D shows off new 3D solar cell

3D solar energy systems growing in popularity

Three-dimensional solar cells are becoming more popular in the solar energy industry. These types of systems are capable of collecting sunlight more effectively than traditional solar panels. This is due to the design of the cell, which is meant to gather sunlight from all directions. This type of solar energy system has long been lauded for its promising potential, but relatively few of these systems are being used today. Solar3D is one of the few companies that is showing how effective a 3D solar cell can be.

Researchers to focus on reducing cost of energy system

Now that the company has shown that its 3D solar cell can produce 250% more electricity than conventional solar energy systems, researchers will begin working on reducing the cost of the technology. Cost will be a deciding factor in whether the solar energy system will be able to one day reach commercialization. Researchers will focus on manufacturing methods and materials that will help ensure that the production of the 3D solar cell will make the energy system accessible to a wide range of consumers.

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